How to build the delta?

deltoid do visually wider shoulders and torso attached to a V-shape.Train deltas is especially important for athletes with a narrow shoulder belt, because the increase in the width of the shoulder is only possible due to the inflation of these muscle groups.Therefore, all beginners interested in the question of how to pump up the delta.

Delta consist of three beams: Front (clavicle), secondary (shoulder) and posterior (blade).To create a harmonious body all deltoids should experience a full load.The volume and width of the shoulders is formed mainly at the expense of well-trained secondary beams.Typically, the front of the head are most developed, since it is well loaded with exercise for the triceps and chest muscles.The middle and rear delts are often lagging behind in development and therefore need to be reinforced by training.Different athletes respond to different bundles of load differently, so training programs need to be developed individually.

How to build the delta?Training this muscle group - quite a difficult process as it takes to adequately engage all the muscle fibers.The main mistake novice athletes - it's overload clavicular heads and underdevelopment of the middle and especially the rear deltoids.

The main exercises for training deltas are presses and various ups and breeding lines with hand weights.

Rises straight arms with dumbbells to develop a clavicle Delta.Breeding direct hand in hand with a dumbbell effect on the shoulder beams.Breeding direct hands with dumbbells in the slope train blade head.Different presses weights and load front and middle deltoids.Presses, lifts and breeding hands can be done sitting or standing.

How to build the delta by raising and breeding hands with dumbbells?There are several types of lifts and breeding hands with dumbbells: upgrades to the side, forward, to the attention of the head, breeding in the slope.

Stand up straight, dumbbells in a lowered and slightly bent at the elbows, hands, hands turned to the body.Raise your arms to shoulder level or slightly higher.Return to the original position.Ensure that the exercise was carried out only through the work of deltas.

for the lift arms to the sides, it is necessary to stand up straight, take a dumbbell, arm slightly bent.Raise the arms to the sides to shoulder level or slightly higher.Lower the arms to the starting position.

effective exercises for back beams - raising hands with dumbbells in the slope.Stand up, body tilted forward, bent knees are shoulder width apart, dumbbells in drooping hands, elbows slightly bent.Slowly raise the arms to the side, trying to connect the shoulder blades together.

How to build the delta using presses?These exercises can be done with dumbbells or barbell in standing or sitting position.

popular among athletes exercise "Bench Arnold" is performed with dumbbells, standing position.Stand up, hands with dumbbells bend at the elbows and shoulders to lift the brushes inside.Gently squeeze the dumbbells up, turning the wrist to the end of the motion palms were turned away.To fix position, then return the arms to the starting position to the brushes themselves.

From barbell exercises recommended "military press" and the press because of the head.

«military press" is considered to be a major exercise for the development of the shoulder girdle and performed mostly sitting.Hold the barbell at shoulder wide grip.Raise the bar all the way up, and then return to its original position.

Squeeze the bar because of the head and can be standing and sitting.Take the starting position, the bar on the shoulders of the head.Raise projectile maximum straightening the arms.Slowly lower the bar, elbows at the same laid back.

should know that all the exercises in the delta are traumatic, so in their implementation should be closely monitored for the technology, and in some cases to use a belt lifter.