What affects the increase in muscle mass?

Almost all the training in the gym halls are aimed at building a beautiful body.Few are talking engaged to simply lose weight.And consequently, an increase in muscle mass - this is the question posed at the heart of everything "pitching."Let's just confine ourselves to the two components that are most affected by the increase in muscle mass:

  • training;
  • food.

Training can be built on completely different principles.So, you can work to increase strength, and you can perform a set of exercises for muscle mass.Inexperience increase strength and increase muscle mass budding athletes take for the two sides of the same coin, but it is not.The strength is practically independent of the volume of the muscles.As an example, think of Alexander Sasse.If you compare it with modern athletes, the muscles he almost was not, but the tremendous strength was incredible.Hence the question arises: what kind of exercise affect muscle growth?

Oddly enough, but the increase in muscle mass will be working the same exercises that you are always satisfied.The secret lies in the number of sets and reps.Generally there are three types of training:

  • voluminous;
  • volume-power;
  • power.

to increase muscle mass needed voluminous training.With such training should be carried out on four working approach each exercise, and each approach must execute from 10 to 12 repetitions.But keep in mind that the most important thing - it is to choose the right weight burdens.In the projectile should be a weight with which you can make the desired number of repetitions.If you can do more, it is necessary to increase the weight of the projectile.With such training force growth will be minimal, and this can not be tolerated.Otherwise, at some point begin a period of stagnation.To simultaneously with the increased volume and strength, it is necessary to alternate the training with three-dimensional volume-power.

Separately, it must be recalled that the rapid recruitment of muscle mass affects the amount of exercise that is carried out for each muscle group.Take it for granted that at least two exercises for any muscle group, do not perform.Otherwise, training will not bring the desired effect.

Power has an even greater impact on the increase in muscle mass.But there is a little bit easier.To muscles grew by leaps and bounds, but daily use is at least 2 g.protein per kilogram of body weight.The advantage should be given to animal proteins.And now calculate.If an athlete weighing 80 kg, then it should be a day to use at least 160 grams.squirrel.The amount of protein in the products can be found by looking at the packaging or in the manual.From the protein-rich foods is the most appropriate low-fat cottage cheese.In addition, you should take enough vitamins and trace elements.Receive them from food in sufficient quantities is not feasible.And then come to the aid multivitamin preparations.It should be emphasized that the increase in muscle mass negatively affects alcohol.

Extras must be said about the rate of increase in muscle mass.Big muscles can be extended for a week, but also hold a volume week.If a large amount of muscle is not backed by force due indicators, it will be dependent on any minor factors.For example, if you miss a meal or drink a bottle of beer, the amount of muscle is reduced by 3-4%.So, follow the correct rule: consistency and continuity.Regular exercise and a consistent increase in the loads will achieve the desired result.