Romanian Deadlift - based technique and some tips

In this article, we consider one of the most popular exercises in the world of bodybuilding and powerlifting, performed by both professionals and novices in these sports.

Romanian Deadlift - is one of the most basic exercises to train the muscles of the legs.This exercise is a fairly high loads as the hamstrings, as compared to the classical deadlifts, the main burden is precisely on thighs and buttocks, not on your back.As with other exercises such specifications (base), Romanian deadlift involves work and many other muscles in your body, namely the calf, trapezoidal, lumbar and others.When it is executed as sustainable development goes back muscles: latissimus, wings, etc.

As with other types of linkage, this is also traumatic.Therefore, exercise should be done technically, and beginners in bodybuilding is not recommended to do it at the start, as the Romanian deadlift also requires good physical preparation, which can be obtained on the "periphery" of 3-4 weeks.

So if you do decide to use this exercise, remember the following rules of the art:

1) Be sure to keep your back straight.This is very important.Otherwise, you may get injured.

2) Romanian Deadlift: performance technique.Go to the bar with your feet about shoulder width (socks at the same time must look right), make a little wider than shoulder width grip (use raznohvata could uneven loading the muscles in your body, especially the trapezius, remember).So, taking the post, take a step back and start from the front stoop, placing the buttocks back to the point of deflection at the back, while maintaining a straight back and a little note of the blade.Thereafter vypryamtes and return to starting position.Exercise should be carried out smoothly, and the bar to the stage, you need to tilt as if "news" in the legs.

3) Another piece of advice - buy a shoes with a flat sole and a minimum height of the heel, because you need a reliable support for the whole body, and with raised feet of this effect can not be achieved.

4) To carry out exercise is recommended because:

  • first approach - a warm-up for 10-12 reps;
  • 3 working sets of 7-8 reps per set.

5) If you feel that your back became rounded, better stop and try again.If not for a second time, lower the weight lifted.

6) As mentioned above, the Romanian deadlift - one of the best and most effective exercises for training your legs.If it is combined with squats and leg zhimom, then after a relatively short time you will see the result as a raise in power and an increase in muscle mass.Also known fact: some basic exercises, including a Romanian deadlifts, are pushing for release of testosterone in human blood, which increases the rate of muscle growth.But remember, you do not need to do too much exercise.The recommended frequency - 1 time per week in order to give your muscles to fully recover.So you ensure yourself the best efficiency of your workouts and all the labor invested in them.It is desirable that beside you was the man who would be watching the performance of the exercise and possibly able to insure you.