How to download the shoulders using dumbbells?

For many men, the question of how to shake the shoulders, is very relevant.Not any part of the body so emphasizes their strength and courage, as a broad, massive shoulder girdle.It is proved that the frequently changing types of stimulation, ie,when changing types of exercise, increased muscle growth.The major muscles of the shoulder are the deltoid, which in turn are divided into front, middle and rear.The best option would be to study them in the process of training individually.

Before deciding how to swing the shoulders, there should be warm.It is especially important to warm up the shoulder girdle.To do this, you can perform a circular rotation, swings his arms, lifts light weights and so forth.

Breeding hands

Sitting on a bench, pick up a dumbbell.Originally hand with weighting hang freely, down along the body.Then sharply raise them up by hand, making the breath to linger for a moment at the top and begin to slowly lower your hands down, making the exhale.Repeat 4 x 6-8 times.

elbows during the exercise should be slightly bent.If the weight is not very big - to carry out the wiring, holding a dumbbell in one plane with the body, with greater weight dumbbells, you can bring them a little forward.It is advisable to carry out this exercise in front of a mirror to be able to adjust the technique and see how to download the shoulders correctly.

Raising hands in the slope

This exercise will not only help increase the shoulders, but also help strengthen your back muscles.Running is similar to the previous one, but the initial position is different - should bend your knees and stronger body tilted forward.During the execution of the wiring are utilized maximally rear deltoids.

As an option - you can go to a special inclined bench.

Both types of wiring should be done sitting.If the level of preparation allows, you can try to do these exercises standing up.But be sure to do them with a partner located close to the safety net.

Bench with a twist of your wrist

Sitting up straight on a bench to pull over a hand with a dumbbell, turning the palm forward.Perform lowering the dumbbells to shoulder with his hand to turn the brush head (exhale).Then squeeze the dumbbell to the starting position (breath).Repeat the same for the second hand.4x6 times.

during descent - the minimum speed, and during the regime - maximum.This exercise is rather complicated, but it allows you to quickly build muscle.Perform this mode can be leaning back on the back of a special bench.In this case, reduces the load on the lower back.Also involved deltoids and triceps are some other muscle.Therefore, the scope of the shoulder girdle is growing rapidly.

variant of this regime can be simultaneously lifting two dumbbells at once.You can approach the question of how to shake the shoulders, more widely and perform first mode only the right hand.Doing the required number of approaches to move to the left hand.This exercise is especially good for trained athletes, as it is possible to significantly increase the weight of the weighting agent.