Bench Press - machinery exercise

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Bench press - is the main basic exercise, which heard every athlete.Even beginners, who came into the room the first time, bypass the intricate simulators and vultures and immediately run to perform the bench press.Technique, as it might seem at first glance, a simple, but it is not so.There are many variations and types of exercise.For example, narrow grip bench press, inclined bench press and others.

Bench is the most popular exercise in bodybuilding and weightlifting in general.Your friends may not know about you squat, deadlift, but will inquire how much you reap.If you want to improve your scores on this simulator, follow all the advice and the rules set out in this article.In addition, the technique affects the position of your hands and torso.In this article we consider the main points.

Exercise, mainly involves such muscle groups: chest, shoulders (front and rear beam) and triceps.In addition, quite strongly strained triceps.This is not surprising, because the exercise is not for nothing is the base.To develop the right technique and know how to pump a specific muscle group, you need to train a lot and have enough experience.

What affects the position of the elbows, and the width of the grip?

First, the width of the grip affects muscle groups which will be used during exercise.The wider you take the handle, the greater will be loaded pecs and biceps.A narrower grip is responsible for pumping triceps and deltas.It is important to know that a wide grip allows you to lift much more weight than narrow.

correct formulation of the hands shown in the figure.It is necessary that your forearm was perpendicular to the neck at the moment when the hand is the highest load.This allows you to grip a stable position that will protect you from injury.


The body should be positioned on the bench so that a vulture standing on a rack was just above the eyes.In that case you will receive the optimal position, and will be easy to move the neck to the initial state, and bring him back after the exercise.It would also squeeze the barbell comfortably without affecting the rack.

Professional bending back

deflection back is a very important part of the exercise.But the fact is that such an approach is available only for experienced people who already know how to do the exercises and does not get injured.Arches his back is necessary to raise more weight during the exercise bench.Technique is quite complicated.It is necessary to tear off the bench your body, and only touch her buttocks.Most of the work falls on the foot and the blade.

deflection will also use other muscle groups, such as the lower beam breast (he is the strongest).

How to move the neck

Take vulture in the hands and lower it so that it touches the bottom of the pectoral muscles, around the solar plexus.There is also an inclined bench press.Technique is a little different, and therefore the pumped other muscle groups.It is important to know that you can not lower the bar around the neck, otherwise there is a risk of injury.


necessary to have a partner insured during the exercise bench.The technique is very simple, but you need to treat it seriously.Suffice it to come back, take a hard neck, fixing him in the forearm.After that, apply it and continue to move along with it.In which case the bar to pick up and put on a rack.