Close grip push-ups - an effective way of pumping triceps and other muscles.

Sports reasonable always going to benefit health.Even if a person is unable, for whatever reason, go to the gym, or simply missed a training session, he can always find an alternative, it would wish.Thus, a series of exercises on simulators or by using a rod can be freely replaced by alternatives.One of those is a close grip push-ups, which enables you to pump your triceps, as well as the inside of the chest, shoulders and trapezoid muscles.Let's try to further consider this exercise in order to avoid errors in the technique of its performance and get the most from your workout.

In fact, virtually all pumping muscle is possible without a visit to the gym.However, the effect will not be as quick or take more time, but the fact remains.Close grip push-ups just let you bleed primarily triceps no worse than the bar narrow grip bench press.For their performance, you must first take the starting position.It is to be in focus on four points, as for conventional push-ups, but the palms are placed on one or the other, or that they touch each other index finger and thumb, respectively.

You can choose to not quite the standard position, but most importantly - to the palm of the hands were in the middle of the housing when bent.Valid only their displacement above or below the chest, everything depends on the purpose of pumping one or another part of the triceps more so.Thus, virtually the entire burden falls naturally to hand.Just do not forget that the housing body does not bend either up or down, and was almost parallel to the floor, his back was extremely smooth.

Just bend your hands must be relatively slow to fall, almost touching the chest to the floor.Close grip push-ups during the rectification of hands must be carried out with greater speed, and after full extension is necessary to make a short pause for focusing additional load.Exhale made during extension.After completing plans reps better to relax the muscles for 1-2 minutes, as well as during set on the simulator or other "iron".

Since the conversation turned on the alternative method of bleeding, you should briefly describe the implementation of training flexor.Close grip pull-ups not only replace a full-fledged pumping biceps using dumbbells or barbells, but are still a number of advantages.Firstly, during this pulling arms bent at the elbow and shoulder joints, which ensures a greater load volume of the biceps muscle, rather than using a rod.Secondly, a close grip pull-up, such as push-ups, not only to fully load a muscle, but also create tension in a number of others.In particular, such is the widest dorsal muscles trapeze, to some extent even infants and shoulder.However, it is also necessary, as required by the close grip push-ups, stick art exercise.

The active phase of the housing needs to be done to pull the bar to the level of the upper chest and pause.This is followed by extension arms, which is more slowly.Slow stretching muscles and further breakthrough played a significant role in the correctness of the implementation.

The above leads to the conclusion that the work of his body sometimes requires human perseverance and desire, rather than visiting the gym.Alternative exercises were known long ago, and in a number of training programs, includingmilitary nature, they are the basis for increasing the power, speed and endurance qualities.