How is training legs?

Many beginners 'pitching' focus on the chest, stomach and arm muscles while the leg muscles are moving away from them, at best, secondary.However, they are usually not as noticeable as an arm or chest, because, as would be ridiculous as it may sound, most of the time are in the pants.So often in the gym, you can see the latter-day "athletes" to bleed the body good, but thin legs, which clearly contrasts with the rest of the body.

What if your torso and arms worked out good, but the lower limbs resemble a pair of crutches, which moves your body?Train leg in this case - the only way out.What you need to do in order to pump the front of the thigh, but do not get a present increase in the size of the buttocks and waist?A good solution will be supersets.As an example: twenty-four sets of sit-ups and four sets of 20 leg extension.

If the biceps is behind your hip, then the other will approach a set of exercises."Dead Rod" - four sets of fifteen times and bending the legs in the supine position - four sets of twenty times.Perhaps someone surprised 20 repetitions in a row in the exercises on the hip.This is necessary in order to muscles of the thighs thoroughly "shake up" and intensify.For comparison, 10 times - this is for complex performed in Standard mode.

you fill the break between sets?It is best at this time to carry out cross-leg extension, until you feel a strong burning sensation in the muscles.Then you can afford to rest a minute and do the exercise again.This method is good for leveling of the muscle groups, which is clearly "lagging behind."

Another simple but very effective way.Regularly performing squats, gradually increase its weight.In this case, the leg exercise performed simultaneously with pumping back and arm muscles.The maximum target that may set themselves exercising, is the fulfillment of twenty squats with a weight equivalent to two scales of its body.This, of course, will require a very long preparation, but when you can do it, no special exercises for the legs and pumping any one muscle group is not required.

performing these exercises, be balanced and careful weight rods increase gradually.And keep in mind that training the legs like the above takes you a lot of energy, so be careful not to overtrain, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous for your body.Also observe the tips offered below.

Normal leg workout provides performance deep knee bends.The cuts amplitude is not meant to be.To your waist did not increase belt use, and follow a lot of repetition of the same exercise.Hamstrings should not lag behind the quad, otherwise start training with biceps.Be sure before you start, take some time to warm up to prepare your muscles and reduce the risk of injuries to the body.

not always have the opportunity to do the exercises in the gym, and other designated areas.Yet leg workout at home can be just as effective.It's the same with weight squats (barbell can be replaced by any other projectile, such as a bag of rice), calf muscles to pump - lifting on socks with weights.For the study made hamstring leg curls with dumbbells attached to the foot, and for the study of the inner thigh are executed details legs with expanders.Thus, pumping house - it's not so difficult, it is available to anyone interested with the necessary ammunition.

So, leg workout definitely should take place together with other types of bodybuilding.But it is given a secondary place.On the one hand, well-inflated lower limbs detract from other parts of the body, to visually reduce the width of the shoulders and sizes of hands, and on the other, their excessive bleeding may eventually cause destruction of cartilage surfaces.Therefore, exercise leg muscles should be done too often, it is enough for 3-4 times a month.