What is included in the scope of the policy?

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According to one version, the term "politics" is derived from the Greek words "public activities" that could not be better (but not fully) conveys the meaning of the word.A Greek "poly" means a lot, "tokos" - interest.Consequently, "the multiplicity of interests", which is also important for the interpretation of the word.

main policy areas

Thus, firstly, the policy - it is the activity of state bodies.It reflects the economic model and the structure of society.What is included in the scope of the policy directly?Economy, national and social relations, security of the State and its citizens, demographic issues.The policy specifies the direction to be followed, leaving the allowed freedom of action.It explains why you need to perform assigned tasks by the state and society.Directs the activities related to their implementation.

Arts Arts

No wonder the ancient art called policy management other arts.An experienced worker can often achieve the desired with minimum losses.To reconcile the warring parties, taking into account the interests of the state and society, a certain party.The policy is created and social movements, and the structure of the state.This is a power struggle, and later - the action to preserve and retain it.As a rule, the society is not complete unity of views and actions.The task of politicians - to unite it, come up with solutions that satisfy certain groups of people, as narrow and wide.

What is included in the sphere of politics yet?

It is designed to guarantee the rights and freedoms of the individual, to regulate social interests, to mobilize various social activities, engage individuals and groups in the life of the country.What is included in the scope of the policy?These are usually related to the fact that associated with social movements and state structures and political parties (their diverse multi-purpose activity).Thus, virtually any issue that falls within the scope of this attention can be considered political.

the question "What's in the realm of politics?" - Can be answered in a different way.It is a world of rich and varied, represented by the various sciences and arts (eg, art, speeches or sociology of science), political institutions and social groups, diverse parties and the government.All of these moves and interacts, according to certain laws of society and the state, developing new laws and regulations necessary public life.And all this can be called in one word - "politics"!