A flat stomach: unexpected councils 5

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think, a nice flat stomach - the result of numerous trainings in sportvnom Hall?But not only!To get news of your dreams, one also has to eat right and less nervous.So, what will help you achieve the ideal form of belly?

1. Fatty foods. Fat - the worst enemy of your figure?Not at all, at least not all.So-called monounsaturated fats, nutritionists say, on the contrary, can rid you of excess fat in the abdominal area.They contain olive oil, nuts, avocados and dark chocolate.A study conducted by experts at Yale University, found that the monthly diet high in these fats suffices to say goodbye to third of fatty tissue around the abdomen.

2. Healthy intestine. You'd be surprised, but additional volume to your stomach adds air.To avoid his presence in your gut, follow a few simple rules.

• Eat slowly and try not to open your mouth too wide.As long as you chew, into the esophagus with food gets air.In addition to bloating, it is fraught with yet another unpleasant consequence - burping.

• Do not drink soda.

• Be careful with products that contribute to gas formation: cabbage, beans, peppers, pears and citrus.

• Eat less salt: salty food provokes thirst and, among other things, keeps the moisture in your body.Because of it you too look fuller.

• Forget about chewing gum.As long as you chew, you can also grab extra air that enters the esophagus and then the stomach.

• Eat regularly.Interruptions in the diet, smoking and alcohol abuse also contribute to gassing and indigestion.

3. The dried bread. Bakery products have always regarded as something incompatible with a slender figure.And partly it's true: bread from soft wheat varieties contain the most harmful to our waist carbohydrates.To save yourself from this trouble, not necessarily to give up bread completely.Just buy special crackers (or make them yourself) or hard bread from durum wheat.Due to the fact that they are rigid, but lightweight, eat them as much as fresh pastries, you can not, and thus will protect from excess calories.In addition, they have a lot of fiber, useful for your intestine and bereguschie harmony of your waist.

4. Meditation. Which only sins did not blame the doctors stress.Now, among other things, it is also called and one possible cause of obesity.When we are nervous, in our body there is the stress hormone cortisol, which stimulates hunger and especially - the craving for sweet and fatty.In addition, the excessive release of cortisol serves a kind of signal to our body, and it means "time to accumulate fat on the tummy."Thus our body is preparing for an even stronger shocks.So try not to be nervous, drink tea with mint and meditate for 5-10 minutes a day.

5. Exercises for the back. Many people try to get rid of the fat on your stomach, exhausting himself for the press exercise - lifting the body and legs, exercise machines, etc.Well, the harm will not do, but also a special aesthetic good, too.You can pump an iron press, but then your flat stomach just will not.

Therefore, women of exercises should be chosen especially carefully.Try this:

• Lie on your stomach, bend your knees and lift the body.Perform 3 sets po15 times.

• Now straighten legs and lie straight.Raise both legs and body, stretching his hands forward.Repeat 10 times, 2 approach.

• And finally, the last: from a prone position on stomach, lift legs and hands chained to the castle, and shook on his stomach.Perform 2 sets of 20 times.So you get not only a flat tummy, but a strong back, back and buttocks tightened.

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