Tone cream "L'Oreal Alliance Perfect": reviews, shades

almighty advertising did foundation "Alliance Perfect" one of the most popular means of masking the entire line of "L'Oreal".The manufacturers claim that it is perfectly adapted to the type and color of the skin, moisturizes and hides the flaws without forming a visible mask.Is it so?Is it really has these qualities foundation "L'oreal Alliance Perfect"?Reviews owners confirm or deny this.

Consistency and application

Tactile sensations from the application of this cream pleasant enough.It has a silky texture liquid.If applied to the arm and turn it vertically, then drop slightly flow.Therefore, drawing on the skin will not cause any difficulties.There are creams that are applied should be a matter of seconds, otherwise they freeze.But about the foundation "L'oreal Alliance Perfect" other reviews.Furthermore, a tube with a capacity of 30 ml dispenser ensures a good economical expenditure.For one press of a finger squeezed just a little drop of cream.

masking ability

Although consistency is not thick, perfect concealer to camouflage imperfections.If he was stiff, heavy, then lying would be rude and was more noticeable.And so it penetrates into every pore, it falls easily, gently.

Before going to the store, you can do a little trick: put the house on the wrist a few red dots marker or felt-tip pen to when testing the cream he showed how can hide the redness and pimples.It helps determine the hiding power of any cream, because the skin on the wrist is more or less perfect, and if you focus only on that, then we can be disappointed to see that the foundation is not just sitting perfectly on the face, on the hand.And thus it can be complicated by the cream.

"Alliance Perfect" well fills bumps on the face, covers and hides redness, acne, evens.Traces of spots become less visible.

Advertising promises a perfect fusion with the skin.This refers not only to the unity of color and texture.About the foundation "L'oreal Alliance Perfect" reviews can be found the following: it goes perfectly, if it's not cream at all, as a second skin.Since this Tonalka adapts to the skin and its texture, it is no impression that the face is smeared with something.In short, this cream is not evident immediately, but gives a sense of well-groomed, velvety skin, and is a means for masking the highest compliment.

Regarding the age limitation.It is suitable and young girls who suffer from acne, and more mature women.Also, they can use each, regardless of skin type.

Colours foundation

good choice for any skin color foundation provides "L'oreal Alliance Perfect".The palette consists of 9 colors.They have their own markings:

  • "golden vanilla" (D2).
  • "Light beige" (D3).
  • "Golden" (D4).
  • "Ivory" (N1).
  • "Vanilla" (N2).
  • "Beige Cream" (N3).
  • "beige" (N4).
  • "Pink Vanilla" (R1).
  • "Beige Pink" (R2).

Company "Loreal" generally refers to the letter D with shades of yellow pigment, N - Natural and R - with the addition of pink.This system allows you to compare with other creams line "Loreal" foundation "L'oreal Alliance Perfect".Hue and saturation represents a figure around the letters.

girls with very fair skin can be hard to choose the foundation that he had no shade yellow, which distorts their natural complexion.Therefore, it is perfect concealer "L'oreal Alliance Perfect".Shades of N1 and R1 will be at the time.

skin on the face is usually a little lighter than in the neck, so it is important that there are no visible clear boundaries between areas with and without cream.It rarely causes foundation on neck and neck (though do make-up artists and professionals, but practice shows that ordinary ladies satisfied with just the face area).So, with the "Alliance Perfect" is not observed dissonance in the face and neck color is due to the ability of pigments that miracle cream to adapt to any skin.That's what successful and has a universal foundation "L'oreal Alliance Perfect" shades!Reviews are proof of that.

How to choose the right shade?

usually put the cream on your wrist or the back of his hand, rubbing well.Then you have to wait a couple of minutes, so it was absorbed into the skin.If it is invisible, it hit the top ten.But the most important thing in choosing - this is the right lighting.Required dozhen be daylight.The shops are usually poorly lit, so it's better to go out and look at the palm of the sunlight.

All known rule is that you can not take on the color of skin tone is darker, it will add unnecessary age, and you need one shade lighter, and better yet, if you pick up the tone in tone-to-face.If we talk about the foundation "L'oreal Alliance Perfect" shades to choose simple.

matte or gloss

cream hides shiny place on the skin, gives dullness.Conversely, those with the skin dull, faded, "Alliance Perfect" adds radiance.It shines, but not greasy.And such an effect dezhitsya throughout the day.That is, use the cream on top of another and powder need not, although it is possible.

UV protection

protection factor - SPF 17. Not very high, but it is good that the cream though slightly protects the skin from the sun.Generally, manufacturers of tonal creams do not often bother with UV protection, believing, perhaps, that this is not the first destination Tonalka.And then a nice bonus.


summer heat - a real test for a cream, but "Alliance Perfect" passed the exam with flying colors.Since the texture of the cream is light, it is absorbed into the skin and does not flow even when rushing up the arrow thermometer.If you need to get wet in the rain, then Tonalka not run away with the drops.The only but: Once the skin is dry, you need a little touch up makeup powder grainier.


Advertising states that the cream gives the skin an unforgettable radiance.It is these properties and has a foundation "L'oreal Alliance Perfect".Reviews, photos before and after applying the funds are proof of that.The skin looks healthy, well-groomed, well-groomed, as if she visited the salon and took a whole series of procedures.

However, this effect is only visual.If the skin condition is not too good (there is fatigue, flabby, gray), the cream just to hide this time.Tonalka "Perfect Alliance" has no medicinal properties, it does not lift, although it is all-powerful magic wand after enough sleep nights.

Side effects

Judging by the experience of customers, they are almost there.Typically, the cream may cause undesired skin reaction (itching, redness).But the "Alliance Perfect" is an order of magnitude higher than in their characteristics.Hypoallergenic - one of the reasons why you should buy it concealer "L'oreal Alliance Perfect".Reviews say that it is not noticed any redness, peeling, or the appearance of new spots after use.

If the skin is very dry on its own, it is possible before applying Tonalka cover the face moisturizer as a base for make-up.This will give your skin extra food, and he will lie flatter foundation.


After these praises and credits for all categories seems that foundation "Alliance Perfect" shortcomings and should not be.But just do not even invented a foundation that is suitable for everybody without exception.While all complaints in this case is highly individual.For example, those who have greatly enlarged pores, they say that the cream does not hide them, and only emphasizes even more.Generally, those who have the skin quite a relief, many tonal resources are contraindicated.

also complain holders combination skin, saying that there is still shine in the T-zone, and visible contrast between matte and shiny areas.

Well, what about adapting the color of the skin.Some of the girls watched as the cream begins to very dark on the face a few hours later.I do not want to leave the house Snow White and the return mulatto.

And about the name.Earlier cream originally called simply Loreal Alliance Perfect, and all of the above applies to him.Now there was a notation on the package le teint (in French "color").What do they say about the new foundation "L'oreal Alliance Perfect" reviews?Le teint as it is not particularly appeal to those who enjoyed the previous version.

If we talk about the percentage, the foundation "Alliance Perfect" won the confident 90% positive reviews.And this is an important argument, that he even once appeared in the purse.Successful purchases!