Trendy colors of the autumn-winter season: Part One

This season, we can choose: one-color clothes to wear or give in to the madness of color.Designers gave us a motley winter and the ability to connect incongruous color.

Today we begin to acquaint you with the most fashionable colors of the autumn-winter season 2008-2009.

Dark Blue

autumn-winter collections of designers presented a rather unusual colors, pushing into the background all the standard colors.

traditional black color today is not relevant - with its functions copes dark blue, creating a contrast of bright, intense colorings season.Rich saturated dark blue shades are one of the main components of the fashion palette.

It should be noted that the depth and richness of most of the key colors of the season determines the structure of the material.

Main materials: satin, velvet, fabric finish "wet effect" wool luxury, transparent materials.

Main products: outerwear, dresses, individual sports-style garments, knitwear, jersey.


very successfully developed this winter bright purple scale, headed toward the juicy berry and fruit hues.Basic color variations presented blueberry, red and blue, plum and blackberry, even tones.

in blueberry color painted models of various key trends of the season, but it acquires special importance in the style of "country" by participating in combination with a blue-green and pale mustard.In addition, the bright colors Blueberry significantly update the look of synthetic clothes.

Main materials: tweed, wool, luxury, jersey, satin, velvet.As the emphasis is used in cellular tissues and prints.

Main products: men's clothes or a simple style, outerwear, dresses, jersey, jersey, synthetics.


It's amazing how this once in an unacceptable fashion color for four seasons to get to the top of popularity, becoming one of the key colors of the season.

next winter yellow evolution continues, and now the Court has faded trendy mustard shades with a barely noticeable green tint.

touch of gloom allows new yellow tones go well with gray and taupe tones, and also act in combination with a blue-green and blueberry, reflecting a rich, truly autumnal palette.

Main materials: tweed and wool luxury, jersey, satin.Accent element plaid fabrics and prints.

Main products: outerwear, knitwear, jersey dresses.

autumn orange

Hit the spring-summer 2008 season meets autumn in bright shades of pumpkin, often appearing in the style of "country" and even in the folk direction.

Amazingly bright and energetic contrast created by the combination of orange and black.And considered relevant only deep, saturated colors, often with some glitter.

Main materials: satin, wool luxury, jersey, leather, nachesnaya wool tweed.

Main products: outerwear, knitwear, dresses, clothes in a simple style.

Eccentric colors

very impressive trend affecting unusual, extravagant color combinations.Bold color blocks and matching colors in stratification models give a strong, vigorous appearance.

playful palette of happy, cheerful shades certainly lift your spirits in a dull autumn day, as well as prompt ideas for a vintage image of a deliberately "bad" taste.

Basic Materials: jersey, tweed, satin, wool.

main products: individual items of everyday clothing, knitwear, dresses, knitwear.


next evolution of color occurs in the range of light-red tones.Soft, feminine, coral color looks very attractive and interesting because it is not standard for any specific season.

Feel like a lady in a light red dress vintage style special expressiveness infused tonal combinations and gray or black accents.

Basic Materials: jersey, satin, wool nachesnaya, transparent fabrics.

Main products: outerwear, accessories, blouses, knitwear, knitwear.

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