How to make the conference in the "Skype" in different ways

Imagine that you are sitting surrounded by beloved friends.All the talking, remember stories, laugh, share their impressions.Everyone feels the joy of communicating, and it seems that the conversation could go on forever, but the clock shows the hour is late, it's time to part with your beloved company, and often it is not very desirable!After coming home to head scrolled again and again the unforgettable moments of the evening.Make plans for next weekend, when there will be another meeting with friends.

No need to grieve!Everyone now has the opportunity to communicate on the Internet in the "Skype".We must boldly go to the first application, create a conference with friends and enjoy the fellowship.You can also share a story or talk about the day.

Conference "Skype" provide an opportunity to communicate with loved ones like friends, and any other person in any region of the Earth.This program is very useful to communicate with colleagues, to work and to facilitate the tasks performed.Colleagues located geographically far away, no problems will contact you and discuss future work plans.The most important thing - is to learn how to make the conference in the "Skype".

organization of conferences

At times there is a need to communicate with several people to hear each other and could give his speech.To do this you need to run a program called Skype.After that determined people that will carry on a conversation.On the left side of the program window can be seen a list of contacts, friends or colleagues.Among them are a few selected participants.It is necessary to hold down the Ctrl key and click the mouse on the selected participants from the list.Then, in the toolbar click on the "Conference".At the bottom of the window will be a string, which will be written, who was invited to the conversation.From above, respectively, will show nicknames and avatars have been added participants.Now, after the selection of participants, you can release the button and go to communion.As you can see instructions on how to make the conference in the "Skype" is very simple.

What can you do in such a conference?

combining users can write in chat located at the bottom of the window.Printed messages arrive at the same time all the contacts added to the conference.Use chat can absolutely any number of contacts that you want to see in the conversation.Communication via phone calls is a second possibility.

other ways to communicate

In addition, there is an option, as in "Skype" to do the conference with feedback.Each participant will be able to hear each other and speak.To do this, there is a hot button in the "Call group".Do not forget that communication in the audio format will be comfortable with a small number of people - no more than 10. If circumstances require, or desire more people, it is better to use special software.

There is another method of how to make the conference in the "Skype".After clicking "Add", which is located under your avatar, you need to execute the "Create a group conversation."In the new window that appears at the top right, you need to drag with the mouse all contacts selected for the connection, and then press the "Call group".Talking about how to make the conference in the "Skype" on the iPad, it is worth noting that no special configuration is required.

Adding new users

To add new users to the existing conversation is necessary to press the "+", which is on the toolbar in the conversation group, and select the new members with the new windows.To see who is currently says, need to monitor the user's profile in the window of the conference.Avatar active contact, speaking at the moment, will be surrounded by a halo, or will blink.

How to make the conference in the "Skype" for collegial conversation with leading

If there is a need to discuss serious issues in a collegial community, it requires some organization and the person leading the conference.This is all to the source did not interrupt the other person, and everyone had the opportunity to listen to others.Leading exactly this leads.The organizer creates the conference itself, and invites people at the end of the speech of one floor to the next passes.With this business conferences tested more efficiently.

To execute the instruction on how to "Skype" to make a conference of this type, select the host and all participants of the conversation to send advance questions provided by e-mail.To eliminate unnecessary noise (screaming kids, strangers talk, sound keystrokes), makes the thought of the speaker, you must unplug the microphone to participants who currently do not say.To do this, press the microphone button below under the photo of the participant.This rule is very positive impact on the general discipline and cohesion of the whole team.If you need to figure out how to make the conference in the "Skype" on the iPhone, to consider options for mobile devices.