The ecological problem of the use of heat engines.

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Conservancy - an important task, because the promotion of the civilized world forward leads to the inevitable difficulties and risks in the issue of environmental pollution.Among other social dangers of one of the first places occupied by the environmental problems associated with the use of heat engines.

What we teplodvigateli

Every day we deal with the engines driving the cars, ships, industrial machinery, railway locomotives and aircraft.It is the appearance and widespread use of heat engines quickly moved the industry forward.

environmental problem of the use of heat engines is that emissions of heat energy will inevitably lead to heating of the surrounding objects, including the atmosphere.Scientists have been struggling with the problem of melting glaciers and rising sea levels, a major factor in considering the impact of human activity.Changes in the nature lead to a change in the conditions of our lives, but in spite of that every year the energy consumption increases.

Where to apply heat engines

millions of cars on the internal combustion engines are engaged to carry passengers and cargo.On the railways run powerful locomotives, Water trajectories - boats.Planes and helicopters equipped with piston, turbojet and turboprop engines.Rocket engines "push" to space stations, ships and satellites.Internal combustion engines in agriculture set on combines, pumping stations, tractors, and other objects.

environmental problem of the use of heat engines used

human machine teplodvigateli, car manufacturing, the use of gas-turbine propulsion, aircraft and launch vehicles, water pollution vessels - all catastrophically destructive effect on the environment.

Firstly, the combustion of coal and oil released into the atmosphere of nitrogen and sulfur compounds harmful to humans.Second, the processes used in atmospheric oxygen content in the air because of it falls.

emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere - is not the only factor of influence on the nature of heat engines.Production of mechanical and electrical energy can not be carried out without removing the environment of significant amounts of heat, which can not lead to an increase in the average temperature on the planet.

Thermal pollution is compounded by the fact that combustible substances increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.This, in turn, leads to the "greenhouse effect."Global warming is becoming a real threat.

environmental problem is the use of heat engines and that the combustion of the fuel can not be complete, and this leads to the release into the air we breathe, the flakes of ash and soot.According to statistics, around the world the power plant annually dumped into the air more than 200 million. Tons of ash, and more than 60 million. Tonnes of sulfur oxide.

Environmental problems associated with the use of heat engines, trying to solve all the civilized countries.We introduce the latest energy-saving technology to improve heat engines.As a result, energy consumption for production of the same products is greatly reduced, reducing the harmful effects on the environment.

Thermal power plants, internal combustion engines of automobiles and other vehicles in a large amount vented, and then the soil harmful to all living wastes, for example, chlorine, sulfur compound (in the combustion of coal), carbonCO gas, nitrogen oxides, and others. Car engines annually emit about three tons of lead.

at nuclear power plants use a different environmental problem of heat engines - safety and disposal of radioactive waste.

Due to the incredibly large energy consumption, some regions have lost the ability of self-purification of their own airspace.Operation of nuclear power plants has helped to significantly reduce harmful emissions, but for steam turbines require a huge amount of water and a large space under the ponds for cooling waste steam.


Unfortunately, mankind can not renounce the use of heat engines.Where is the exit?To spend on the order of less fuel, that is, to reduce the power consumption should increase the efficiency of the engine for the same work.The fight against the negative effects of the use of heat engines is only to increase the efficiency of energy and switch to energy-saving technologies.

In general, would not be correct to say that the global environmental problem of the use of heat engines is not solved.An increasing number of electric locomotives replacing conventional trains;becoming popular cars on batteries;industry in energy-efficient technologies are introduced.It is hoped that there will be an environmentally-friendly aircraft and rocket engines.Many Governments have implemented international programs to protect the environment against pollution of the Earth.