What is being done to protect the air in the city?

Every year more and more people moved from the concrete jungle of the city.It is caused by a wide variety of reasons, but in most cases this is due to the reluctance of citizens to breathe filth.It should be as soon as someone utter the word "city", as once in the head playing the eternal picture exhaust and smoke rising from the chimneys of factories.Not every resident of the metropolis asks: "What is being done to protect the air in our city?"This is not surprising, because people just not know that air pollution is possible to fight and officials most of the major population centers, and this is doing.However, first things first.

causes of air pollution

process air pollution began in the XIX century, with the rapid development of the industry.All factories that time have used one type of fuel - coal.Despite the fact that already knew about the harmfulness of raw materials to the environment, it still remains the most popular.This was due to its low cost and excellent accessibility.Why worry about

air when coal bring huge profits!And not only sellers but also buyers.

Many may say that coal - is a relic of the past, and they will be right.Now this kind of fuel used in very small amounts, but, nevertheless, still remains applicable.

hazardous materials

Another air pollutant can be called all the buildings in general.Technological progress does not stand still, every year coming up with new materials to build houses and the production of household goods.However, the building itself and its furnishings can release up to 100 harmful chemicals.Cleaning and maintenance products used in everyday life are also very harmful to the environment.The concentration of the toxic particles in them a thousand times larger than in the open air.
worth a special "thanks" to express smokers, because they each cigarette you smoke released into the atmosphere of more than three thousand kinds of harmful chemicals.

Particular attention should be paid to the exhaust gases.Although the car is much easier life man, he ruins his health.This is especially true in large metropolitan areas, where by machines to hundreds of thousands.


new technology is not always new technologies carry only positive qualities, there are also negative.For example, television screens and computers significantly degrade the environment.

As you can see, the state of the air is influenced by a lot of factors.In connection with this question: "I wonder what is being done for the protection of the air?"After all, if it goes on, our descendants will not breathe oxygen, and some harmful impurities, and the air, in the truest sense of the word, will sell.

measures to preserve the environment in M ​​ oscow

Many residents of the capital may ask, what is being done to protect the air in Moscow.First of all, the authorities are trying to protect citizens from the harmful effects of exhaust gases.To do this, take the appropriate measures.For example, trucks are not allowed to move through the city, for such machines are separate highway to bypass the city.What is being done to protect the air in Moscow, in addition to this?The white stone of the constructed all sorts of underground passages and tunnels for special vehicles.Towering over the sidewalk new avtoestakady.

question "what is being done to protect the air," asking themselves not only Russians, but also citizens of other countries of the world, so all states are paying more attention to the environment.Year after year, developed and created new fuels to reduce the amount of harmful emissions produced by a car while riding.Gasoline added various substances that reduce harmful exhaust gases.They began to use a mixture of alcohol, water and gasoline.The alcohol in the fuel reduces the amount of carbon monoxide in the exhaust and the water promotes more complete combustion.It is widely used by vehicles running on natural gas.This significantly reduces the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.For example, residents of the capital, responding to a question about what is being done to protect the air in Moscow, can speak with confidence about the new buses running on gas.

Opinion residents

Not so long ago in the capital conducted a sociological survey.The question: "What is being done to protect the air in Moscow?"most citizens responded as follows:

1) withdrawal of hazardous enterprises outside the city;
2) The support and development of electric transport (metro, trolley buses, trams);
3) the construction of new road rings;
4) Control of exhaust gases (with special converters);
5) fitted to diesel buses of special filters;
6) a significant improvement in the environmental performance of motor fuel.

Nizhny Novgorod

What is being done to protect the air in Nizhny Novgorod?The main problem is recycling.In the Nizhny Novgorod region has accumulated only acidic soil nearly 250 tons.Very often there are fire debris and smoke, the wind picked up, rushes to the unsuspecting citizens.It is not surprising that this city is a leader in terms of volume and number of air pollutants.

administration, however, is not sitting idly by.Officials are trying to increase the number of processing companies in the region.Today there are about 10 such organizations, which, however, are unable to cope with such a huge load.In one of the conference was presented the newest plant for recycling and processing of waste, the remaining activities of the refineries.

Now residents of this beautiful city can confidently answer the question of what is being done to protect the air in Nizhny Novgorod.


main sources of air pollution in Voronezh are enterprises thermal power, chemical industry, mechanical engineering.More than 20% of residents of the area exposed to high levels of pollution.

What is being done to protect the air in Voronezh?Most recently he appeared in the city buses running on gas.This kind of public transport significantly reduce the levels of pollution, however, such buses, there are only a few dozen.

Administration is taking active steps to establish an effective system for the treatment of waste production and consumption, the development of recycling of secondary resources, the elimination of illegal landfills, expansion of green areas.

All these activities are a direct answer to the question residents about what is being done to protect the air in Voronezh.


What is done to protect the air in Barnaul?As in most cities, the main problem here is garbage.It clearly violated the norms of the legislation on the handling, transportation, disposal and recycling.This all leads to the deterioration of environmental conditions of human settlements, air pollution in the region.

People, of course, are interested in what is being done to protect the air in their beautiful city.It should be noted that in 2013 the executive authorities and the office of the Department of Environmental Control of the regional administration identified about 100 violations of the law.All the perpetrators were punished.

Administration officials have promised that soon will improve the ecological situation in the region.Old public transport, work on older types of fuel, replace with new cars using modern ecological fuel.This will significantly reduce the level of harmful substances in the atmosphere.

Go ahead.Let's look at the most pure, according to many people, a corner of our vast country - Siberia.


Most likely, many citizens are interested in the question of what is being done to protect the air in Novosibirsk.To begin to tell you what the main cause of air pollution in the region.

the main source of two - industry and motor vehicles.About 70% of all industrial facilities area is not equipped with treatment facilities.The share of road transport accounts for slightly less than half of all air pollutants.Due to the congestion of the city by road and due to the lack of distance from highways, car fumes inhaled Novosibirsk residents around the clock, even during sleep.Some roads are located a few meters from residential buildings, and in accordance with the law, the roadway should be located no closer than 200 meters from residential buildings.

What is being done to protect the air in Novosibirsk?All industrial sites are being built by order special treatment facilities.This will reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.Highway bypass being built that are able to "unload" the city of the huge flow of cars, which, of course, will affect the improvement of ecology.

also very actively carried out the translation of public transport to safe fuels.Most events are held municipal greening of the village.

worth considering

What is being done for the protection of the air?The question every year has become increasingly popular with the world community.This is not surprising, because the entire planet is watching with horror the environmental degradation around the globe.

Very often people discuss the issues related to the protection of the ozone layer.This is borne out with the kids at school.The voice of reason crying on television.The question of what is being done to protect the air, today is incredibly relevant.Many criticize the local authorities and the government.Indignant: they say what is being done to protect the air in our city?However, few people think about the fact that he did it for the protection of the world in general and in particular the atmosphere.

Many did not hesitate to burn their plots huge amount of debris that is not only made of paper.Harness all, no matter what material the object is made.Never mind that by burning plastic in the air reach thousands of harmful substances that harm the first citizen to burn scrap ...

So who is to blame - discussed.Stayed second time immemorial beredyaschy per question ...

What to do?

What is being done to protect the air in the city?This question is raised by not only adults but also children.You can see a lot of reports and essays on the topic "What is being done for the protection of the air? 'Class 3 - is no exception.Students already in a position to reveal the essence of the problem and the solution.Children are taught from an early age not only to avoid contact with harmful substances, but also instill love and respect for nature.Let us hope that, as adults, they will not be given blank questions like "what is being done to protect the air in the city" and will just do my best for the improvement of the area.