To examine the complaints of citizens are obliged to state authorities in the terms established by law

Treatment of citizens - it offers, statements and requests made to public authorities by any person residing in Russia.It has the right to apply to various bodies: the prosecutor's office, police, tax authorities, other government agencies, as well as local governments.

Why officials disregarded the appeal?Citizens of our country this question often baffled.

Under Russian law, the complaints of citizens can not remain without attention.Officials are obliged to consider the appeal within 30 days and give an answer to the applicant.(Unfortunately, the law does not specify what should be the answer - and representatives of the authorities often sin that sends to citizens meaningless replies.) Accepted both written and oral complaints of citizens.But if you want to obtain from the government a real solution to your problem, it is best to apply in writing, the fact that the treatment must be recorded in the log of incoming documents, where he is assigned to a room.Handling is desirable to write in two copies, one remains in the bodies, the other - with the date and the incoming number, stamped by the company - you.So officials can not evade an answer, saying that they did not receive.

Treatment of citizens are divided on the proposals, requests and complaints.The proposal - an initiative of the individual to improve, upgrade or improve the activities of public authorities or local self-government.Application - a request to the support of the management of any matter relating to the citizen himself or other people.The complaint - the request for protection of his rights and freedoms.

How to write an appeal to get an effective response?First of all, you must clearly state: who addressed an appeal directed and from whom (surname, first name, place of residence, contact telephone number).A written document must contain concrete facts.General considerations that everything is bad, no good.It is impossible to retell someone else's fiction.At the end of the treatment it makes sense to warn officials about their actions in the case, if the signal does not respond.This could be, for example, an appeal to the prosecutor or, if it comes to services, Rospotrebnadzor.If the problem is serious - threaten legal action, the press, the General Prosecutor and the President of the Russian Federation.Usually it spurs officials, and they are beginning to act.

Consideration of citizens - a direct duty of officials.Ignore them solved unless the officials gone too far.The closer to the capital of the region is, the less there is encountered an indifferent attitude of officials to the citizens' requests.And everywhere the responsibility of officials depends on the legal awareness of citizens.If people know their rights, resulting in strong arguments, none official, if he is in his right mind would risk to ignore such treatment, as it may adversely affect his career.