Permission to leave the child abroad

vacation - and everyone wants to take advantage of the summer weather and an abundance of sun, go to the warm sea, relax and soak up the beach, to see the sights and natural beauty of other countries.Many people want to take a trip to such minor children.To avoid unpleasant surprises at the border and spent nerves spoiled vacation, you need to thoroughly prepare for this trip.

First of all, you should find out what documents are required for the export of the child abroad.

If the child goes out of the country alone or with only one parent, or accompanied by a third person (to visit relatives in tourist travel groups, international camps, etc.), then the first thing we must take care,it's about the required documents.

If a child who has not attained the age of majority, leaving Russia completely independently, he must have a passport and consent of parents or adoptive parents, or guardian to leave the country.It must be notarized, with a timetable of departure, indicating the countries to be visited, the data accompanying the person who will be around during the trip.

Under the new provisions of the law if the child travels outside Russia with one of the parents, the child's permission to travel abroad from the second parent is not required.Unless, of course, there is no court decision about the travel ban and the child goes for a short period or a trip does not provide permanent residence or adoption in the country who travel.Be sure to take along when going abroad on the birth certificate, because it may be asked at the border frontier.

addition, intending to travel to a particular country, it is necessary to meet its requirements.This host or transit country can be guided by its own rules and laws when conducting border controls.If you are going to travel, you should contact the consulate and collect complete and accurate information about the host country, its legal requirements and to issue a complete package of documents to enter the country with a minor child, including the child's permission to travel abroad, a sample of which can be found atconsulate.

there are some nuances of registration of the document as permission to leave the child abroad with at least one parent.For example, some countries, such as Germany, France, Ireland, etc., Have the right to require a translation of the document into the language of the host country, which leaves the minor child.If you do not match the names of the parent and the minor child, while crossing the border may require notarized copies or originals that confirm the relationship of the child and the parent (child's birth certificate and marriage certificate or divorce of parents).Making

permission to leave the child abroad, you must be sure to provide information about the accompanying person to visit, possible (desirable to extend the time frame) and the purpose of the visit.

If one parent does not agree to leave the child out of the country, it is possible to resolve this matter in court.If a child has only one parent, that such an agreement to leave the country is not required.It requires only a document confirming or death of the other parent, or the deprivation of his parental rights.If the mother has the status of single mothers, need a document (certificate from the registrar) certifying that the information about the child's father recorded only from the words of the mother.If one parent is currently abroad, to design his consent should apply to the consulate to complete and assure the necessary documents there.

be recalled that officially completed permission to leave the child abroad - a type of official document, not a power of attorney for his writing needs form a single sample.Resolution notarized.