The task of the strength is not everything - pulling on one arm.

Many of us remember the lessons of physical education at school.The girls had to learn the rope, well, class boys show on the horizontal bar.Yes, pull-ups.For some, it was a holiday for some shame.Everything depends on the physical preparation.The children are actively involved in sports, include in its program of pulling on the bar.It is a well-developed strength training back and biceps.Everything depends on the grip.Consider the common types of pull-ups.

Familiar to many direct grip emphasizes the burden on the forearm flexors.Actively work the back muscles.Many athletes take up the bar wide grip pull-up and carry to the chest.Thus, the upper wing is studied, trapezius muscles.Pulling the breast well, you make your body more widely.By a similar exercise only his head, well pumped the middle part of the wings.With the reverse grip bicep pump directly.Want to make your shoulders wider?Narrow grip just a well developed muscles gear.Regularly exercising, sooner or later, the athlete will do 20 pull-ups, and more than one approach.When he reached to such heights, you can try pulling up on one hand.

Not every athlete can make at least one lifting the chin to the bar at the same time using only one upper limb.If you pull-up 20-25 times, should begin training in which you will be able to increase its absolute power.This exercise technique becomes secondary.The main factor that will allow you to carry out pulling up on one hand, is the strength of the muscles.To do this, you must work with weights.That is, to catch up on both hands with the extra weight.Do not forget the power grip.Train your brush with a conventional expander.Plus, you can throw a towel over the bar and catch up, holding on to him.Such a simple way to significantly increase the strength of your grip.

In any case, the technique must be maintained tightening.During the exercise, the second hand is best to keep close to the body.It should adhere to the chest.In this way it will be easier to control the descent.Are utilized powerful back muscles.Most young athletes, performing pulling up on one hand and lose their balance.To avoid such unpleasant defect, it is necessary to keep working arm closer to the body, and the second limb pressed close to the body.During the first pull on the one hand, you will notice its weaknesses.Take a word such will.

Consider a few exercises that will eliminate all the gaffes.Take a couple of meters of solid rope.Throw on one end of a weight of 11 kilograms and perekin'te over the crossbar.Working hand on the horizontal bar, and the other on the rope.So you learn to control your free hand while tightening.The entire burden will fall on the working upper limb.Sometimes a man is engaged on the bar a few years, but there are no results.If you find it hard given pulling up on one hand and try to help yourself fingers of the second leg.At first, use four, then three, two and one finger.Gradually you will gain the necessary power capacity.Many help to so-called negative pull.This exercise is working the forearm and chest muscles.

from the above material shows that pulling on one hand - a lot of strong body and spirit of people.Home purposefully go to the task.However, excessive exercise will lead to the depletion of the body.takes 3-4 days a week.That will be quite enough.