Why is pulling on the bar helpful?

One of the most important exercises for the muscles of the back is pulling on the bar.This is a simple exercise involves a large number of muscles and promotes human rights.All you need - a horizontal bar.This "trainer" can be found in every yard or on the playground, as well as to establish the house.Significantly increase the weight to fail, but to strengthen the muscles and acquire a beautiful relief of the body can be.Pulling up on the bar can completely replace the exercise in the gym, as well as helps to save time and money

start pulling on the bar must be in the first training.You need to do a little warm-up, but do not stretch.It is better to refer to the final stretch of the exercise, because they relax the muscles in the body and nervous system.

Pull-ups must be done at least 4 to 6 sets each workout.A number of exercises - as possible.The first approach can be done in the usual grip.To increase the load on the back muscles, enough to do wider than shoulders.During the exercise, pay attention to the coordination of movements, do not jerk on the horizontal bar, pull up gently and slowly in order to exercise more effective.With proper pulling on the bar produced by machinery movements, which contributes to the rapid muscle growth.After each pause approach to 3 minutes.Do not forget about proper breathing, sinking, breathe in, and when pulling up - exhale.

Types pull:

1. Bottom grip palms shoulder-width apart.

This type of pull-ups is the most popular among all the amateurs and masters of sports.Many believe that through this exercise sway only biceps, but it is not so.When performing these exercises actively working muscles of the chest and back.

2. Pulling narrow grip.

When performing exercises with a narrow grip actively swinging the lower part of the back muscles around the waist and chest muscles.

3. Pulling his head wide grip.

When performing this exercise involved the back muscles, and stretching is their breadth.

4. Pulling up to the chest wide grip.

In this exercise, active broad muscles of the back, arms and chest.

Power exercises on the horizontal bar

Such exercises are a great way to relieve stress after a busy day, help to strengthen the rotator cuff, back and arms.Perform strength exercises on the bar and can be at home, if you have a horizontal bar.

All exercises on the horizontal bar divided into conventional - arms are located directly on you, back - hand placed his hands to you, and cross - one hand in hand to you, and the other - on the contrary.

For the active growth of muscle strength exercises, use the following:

1. Within 5 minutes of hanging on the bar, holding his shoulders at the crossbar.

2. Pull and try to hang on the one hand to chin over the horizontal bar.

3. Hanging, lift your legs up as far as possible.This exercise is good shakes his abdominal muscles.

outputs on the bar

Pulling up on the bar and strength exercises should always be supported by a variety of outputs.This is done in order to train all the muscles of the body.There are some types of output as an output on the one hand, the yield on the 2 arms, riveting, rise to the coup, the output from the back and out of one hand.Each of these exercises include the work of the abdominal muscles, back and arms.Depending on the hand grip, some outlets do better, others - more difficult.

Pulling on the bar - it is the power in the muscles, relief figure and a healthy lifestyle.It is perfectly develops and stretches the biceps and forearm muscles and strengthens the wrist grip.Biceps developing wide, gradually gaining ball shape when bent arm.