How to protect the air pollution?

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known that without food a person can live for more than one month, with no water - only a few days, but no air - just a couple of minutes.So it is necessary for our body!So the question of how to protect the air from pollution, should take priority among the concerns of scientists, politicians, government officials and officials of all countries.In order not to kill himself, humanity must take urgent measures to prevent this contamination.Care for a clean environment and are obliged to citizens of any country.It just seems to us almost nothing depends.It is hoped that by working together we can all protect the air from pollution by animals - the disappearance of forests - by logging.

Earth's atmosphere

Earth - the only one known to modern science of planets on which life exists, which was made possible thanks to the atmosphere.It provides our existence.Atmosphere - it is primarily air, which should be suitable for breathing humans and animals does not contain harmful substances and impurities.How to protect the air pollution?This is a very important issue to be resolved in the near future.

Human activities

the past century, we often behave very foolishly.Minerals mediocre spenders.Forests are being cut down.The rivers are drained.As a result, the natural balance is disturbed, the planet is gradually becoming uninhabitable.The same happens with the air.He is constantly polluted by all sorts of waste products into the atmosphere.Chemical compounds contained in aerosols and antifreeze, destroy the ozone layer, global warming and threatening disasters associated with it.How to protect the air from pollution, to life on earth is going on?

main causes of current problems

  • gaseous waste plants and factories in numerous amount released into the atmosphere. Previously, this was generally uncontrolled.And on the basis of the waste companies that pollute the environment, it was possible to organize the whole plants for their processing (as is done now, for example, in Japan).
  • Cars. burn gasoline and diesel fuel to form exhaust gases which escape into the atmosphere, polluting it seriously.And if at the same time take into account that in some countries accounts for each average family for two or three cars, one can imagine the global nature of the problem.
  • Burning coal and oil in thermal power plants. Electricity, of course, is essential for human life, but to produce it in a similar way - present the barbarity.The combustion of fuel produced many harmful emissions, heavily polluting the air.All impurities rise in the air with smoke, are concentrated in the clouds, spilled on the ground as acid rain.From this largely affected trees, which are intended for the purification of oxygen.

How to protect the air pollution?

Measures to prevent the current disastrous situation for a long time been developed by scientists.We can only follow the prescribed rules.Mankind has received a serious warning from nature itself.Especially in recent years, the world is literally screaming people that consumer attitude to the planet must change, otherwise - the death of all living things.What do we have to do?How to protect the air pollution (our amazing pictures of nature are presented below)?

  1. provide increased control over the observance of the recommendations of environmentalists in industrial production. everywhere to create closed-treatment facilities (to air emissions were not carried out at all).Inadequate standards of the enterprise should be closed or in law to force them to engage in re-equipment of production.
  2. entire existing fleet is gradually translate into environmentally friendly fuel. In some European countries, people already prefer electric and hybrid cars.As a result - several times to decrease emission of harmful materials into the atmosphere.
  3. Go to the production of clean energy from the force of the wind, the sun's rays, streams of water. A power plant shut down as outdated view of production.
  4. Stop deforestation and thoughtless use of natural resources.

According to environmental experts, such measures will contribute to a significant improvement in the situation.

given in the article materials can be used in a lesson on "How to protect the air from pollution" (Grade 3).