Internal pimples on your face: how to deal with them?

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Often women and young people are faced with the problem of acne.And if the usual rash eliminate quite simply, the internal pimples on the face - the phenomenon is extremely unpleasant and difficult to treat.What to do if under the skin once again formed a painful hard ball?There are several options.

Internal pimples on the face.Reasons

Surely you have heard that acne - a signal the body's internal problems.This is especially true of so-called podkozhnikov.If they appear periodically, but still in the same zone, rush to the doctor.Probably, with the bodies of any problems.For example, if a girl often appear on the face of internal acne on the chin, she would almost certainly have problems with organs of the urogenital system.On the nose podkozhniki are formed when a person has broken the heart and blood vessels.And if they are on the cheeks, it is necessary to examine organs of the digestive tract, particularly the intestines.

If these unpleasant "balls" are rare, you can try to deal with them yourself.Well help in the different means of national character.

Internal pimples on the face.Treatment

Aloe - one of the most effective and popular in cosmetology plants.It has an effect of preventing further inflammation removes it dries the skin and some (but not, for example, an alcohol, and delicately).If you have large internal pimples on the face, cut off a piece of aloe and a sharp knife, divide the sheet into two parts.The fleshy side of the plant must be applied to podkozhniku ​​to be pre-cleaned with a tonic, for example.Such a "compress" must be kept on the face for at least 12 hours, so it is important to secure the plaster.If a pimple deep "sitting", you may need more than one, and 2-3 procedures.

Another good recipe is honey dough.Med simply be mixed with a small amount of flour.The dough should get tough.Because it is necessary to roll the ball, and then attach to the last pimple, flattened.Batter should also be secured with an adhesive plaster.Length - as 12 hours.It will be more convenient if one is another method you'll use for the night.

Internal pimples on the face can be treated with onions.You need to take one layer of vegetable and cut square, which is the size of a little more podkozhnika.Then it should be put on a preheated pan (no oil!) And wait until the middle is transparent, but at the same edge will remain white.During this time, to better prepare the patch.When the onions reach desired condition, remove it from the pan and wait for 10-15 seconds until it cools down a little.He must be pretty hot, but not scalding - if it can be applied to the face (at night), fixing plaster.Onion juice gives a great effect!

How would you have liked to squeeze subcutaneous pimple, do not even try.You still do not get it, and blood poisoning - this is no joke.It is better to use the above recipes and eat more raw fruits and vegetables.Or, contact your doctor.And then your skin will be healthy and clean.