Expedition to Mars.

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Space has always attracted mankind, people have sought to conquer the top of the star and find out what hides celestial abyss.Were the first steps on the moon, who declared the great progress of the world.Each country tends to make especially meaningful discovery that necessarily zapechalitsya in history.However, the level of scientific achievements and modern technical equipment does not allow to conquer the distant and mysterious celestial bodies.How many times in the theory conducted an expedition to Mars, the implementation of which in practice is currently very difficult thing.But scientists believe that in the next decade the foot of man set foot on the red planet.And who knows what surprises await us there.Hope for the existence of extraterrestrial life stirs many minds.

manned expedition to Mars someday will certainly take place.And today even know the approximate dates set by scientists.

Perspective flight

Today expedition to Mars is planned for 2017, but it is unknown realized it or not.This date is conditioned by the fact that at this time, the Earth's orbit will be as close to the orbit of Mars.The flight will take two or even two and a half years.The ship will have a mass of about 500 tons, this is the amount required to astronauts feel comfortable at a minimum.

main creators of the "Mission to Mars" are the US and Russia.It is these powers have made significant discoveries in the conquest of outer space.The concept of development covers activities until 2040.

All interested parties would like to send the first astronauts to a distant planet in 2017, but in reality these plans difficult to implement.It is very difficult to create a single huge aircraft, so decided to work complexes.They will be delivered boosters parts of the orbit of the planet.This is calculated to create a fully automated process, to minimize the energy costs of astronauts.So gradually create the necessary infrastructure in space.

For about half a century planned manned mission."Mars" - the station lost the USSR in 1988, which was first handed over to the ground surface of the pictures and the red soil of one of the satellites of the planet.Since different countries have launched interplanetary station to study Mars.

problems Martian expedition

expedition to Mars will take a long time.Today, humanity has a long experience in space.Valery Polyakov - a physician who spent a year orbiting the earth and six months.When the correct calculation of the time can be enough to reach Mars.It is very likely that it could rise further by about six months.The big problem, and that immediately after landing on the side of the planet astronauts would need to begin exploration.They will not be able to adapt and get used.

Difficult conditions of the flight

for flight to Mars requires a completely new technology.It is necessary to exercise a few important condition.Only in this way maximizes the probability that the first expedition to Mars will still be successfully carried out.It is necessary to take into account several factors when developing the project to conquer Mars space.One of the most basic - a life-support crew.It will be realized that if to create a closed loop.In orbit, the necessary reserves of food and water are served with special support ships.In the case of Mars spacecraft passengers will have to rely on personal power.Scientists provide methods for regeneration of water and oxygen production via electrolysis method.

Another important factor is radiation.This is a serious problem for human beings.Various studies are able to answer questions related to the influence of electromagnetic energy in the body as a whole.This impact is likely to lead to cataracts, changes in the genetic makeup of cells and the rapid growth of cancer cells.Designed medications can not completely protect people from the harmful effects of radiation.Therefore, you need to consider creation of a kind of refuge.


Weightlessness - is also an important issue.The lack of gravity leads to changes in the organism.Particularly difficult to deal with the illusion that leads to a misperception distance.There is also a serious hormonal changes, fraught with unpleasant consequences.The problem is that there is severe loss of calcium.It destroys bone and provokes muscular atrophy.Physicians are very concerned about all these unfavorable effects of weightlessness.Typically, after the return to Earth of space crew team is actively restore depleted stocks of minerals in the body.He goes on about a year and even more.To reduce the adverse effects of the lack of gravity developed special korotkoradiusnye centrifuge.Experienced working with them maintained today as a scientist is difficult to determine how many such centrifuge should work to create an enabling environment for the astronauts.

All this is difficult, not only from a scientific and technical point of view, but is incredibly expensive.

Medical problems

Healthcare requires special attention.We need to create conditions so that, if necessary, at the time of the expedition to Mars could carry out simple surgical operation.There is a high probability that the red planet lives an unknown virus or a microbe that can destroy the entire crew in a matter of hours.On board must be present several medical specialties.Very good therapists, psychologists and surgeons.You will need to periodically take tests at crew members, to monitor the status of the whole organism.This point needs to be on board the necessary medical equipment.

Crashes feeling day lead to improper metabolism and the appearance of insomnia.It will be necessary to maximize control and eliminate the reception of special preparations.The work will be carried out every day in very difficult and extreme process conditions.Fleeting weakness will inevitably lead to serious errors.

psychological burden

psychological pressure on the crew of the ship will be enormous.The possibility that for astronauts flying to Mars may be the last expedition, will inevitably lead to the emergence of fears, depression, feelings of hopelessness and depression.And that's not all.Under the negative psychological pressure during an expedition to Mars, people will inevitably begin to engage in conflict situations that can cause irreparable consequences.Therefore, the selection of the shuttles always being very, very carefully.Future astronauts undergo a lot of psychological tests to identify their strengths and weaknesses.It is important to create the illusion of a ship on the familiar world.For example, consider the change of the year, the presence of vegetation and even simulate the voices of birds.This will facilitate the stay on an alien planet and mitigate the stressful situation.

Selecting crew

Question number one: "Who will fly to a distant planet?"Space Community sensibly understands that such a jerk crew should produce an international destination.You can not lay all the responsibility on one country.Lest the failure of the expedition to Mars, it is necessary to consider every technical and psychological moment.The crew should include real specialists in many areas, which will provide the necessary assistance in emergency situations and can easily adapt to new surroundings.

Mars - this is the dream of many astronauts.But not everyone wants to be a candidate for this flight.Because this trip is very dangerous, it conceals many mysteries, and may be the last.Although there is a desperate daredevils who are eager to put their names in the lists of participants cherished "Expedition to Mars".Volunteers have already applied.They did not stop even the gloomy forecasts.Scientists have warned openly that the astronauts is - quite possibly - the last expedition.On Mars, modern technology will be able to deliver the spacecraft, but you will be able to start from the planet - is unknown.


All scholars are unanimous in the view that women should be suspended from the first expedition.In favor of this are such arguments:

  • female body is not well understood in the area of ​​space known as in conditions of prolonged weightlessness behave its complex hormonal system,
  • physically woman less hardy than men,
  • numerous tests and researchconfirm that the psychology of a woman by nature less suited to extreme situations, they are more likely to be depressed in a state of hopelessness.

Why bother to fly to this planet?

All scholars unanimously declare that this planet is very similar to our Earth.It is believed that once flowed on its surface such as rivers and grown plants with trees.To establish the reasons that life on Mars was cut short, it is necessary to carry out research activities.This complex study of the soil and air.Rovers had a lot of time samples were taken, and these data were studied detailed manner.However, the material is very small, because the overall picture could not reach.It was only established that on Mars, under certain conditions to live.

considered if there is a possibility of organizing a colony on Mars, it is necessary to take advantage of.To live in our plan are potentially risky.For example, when entering the Earth's atmosphere a huge meteorite happen complete destruction of all life.But during the development of the Martian space we can hope for the salvation of the human race.

In modern conditions of overpopulation of the planet Mars exploration will help to overcome the demographic crisis.

many political leaders are wondering what conceal the depths of the Red Planet.After all, natural resources come to an end, and therefore, new sources would be very helpful.

study of the stars that are further away from the Earth, but is closer to Mars, the desire to look further into the mysterious depths of space - one of the reasons for the desire to conquer the Red Planet.

In the future, Mars can be used as a testing ground for experiments (eg, nuclear explosions), which are very dangerous for the Earth.

similarities and differences between the blue and red planets

Mars is much like Earth.For example, its entire day for 40 minutes longer than the earth.Mars also changing seasons, there are like our atmosphere, which protects the planet from cosmic and solar radiation.NASA studies have confirmed that there is water on Mars.Martian soil on the parameters similar to Earth.On Mars, there are places, landscape and natural conditions that are similar to the earth.

Naturally, the differences between the planets is much more, and they are incomparably more important.Short pepper differences - 2 times less than the force of gravity, low temperature, lack of solar energy, low atmospheric pressure and a weak magnetic field, high levels of radiation - evidence that familiar to earthlings life on Mars is possible.