How to quickly get rid of pimples on the ass?

With the first of days of hot Every girl wants to buy a beautiful swimsuit and go in good company on the beach.But such positive moments sometimes overshadowed by unforeseen circumstances, such as a rash on the "most interesting" place.Then cares only question: how to quickly get rid of pimples on the ass?In addition to the discomfort from an aesthetic point of view, the person is usually plagued by itching and burning.If you take immediate action, then a few days later a dream holiday on the beach will become a reality.

How to get rid of acne by the pope specialist?To begin to identify the causes

As you know, our skin is a reflection of the internal processes in the body.The above problem may be related to the impact of both internal and external factors.So, first of all you should find out why there are spots on the pope.The most striking reasons include the wrong choice of underwear.Most modern women prefer to wear the so-called G-string, while the melting of the standard breed able to protect the skin from drying out, the debate or damage coarse cloth trousers.The rash on any part of the body is often a result of disruption to the internal systems of the body.Often this is due to lack of vitamins and trace elements coming from the food, so the issue of supply need to pay special attention.And, of course, the reason is the failure to comply with personal hygiene of the body.

the pope acne: what to do?

Most of the above factors leads to clogging of the pores and sebaceous glands produced because fat does not find a way out.As a result of the inflammatory process begins.The most popular means of rapid response can be called iodine, which is necessary to process the damaged area several times a day.If the disease has reached advanced forms of development, it will have to turn to reliable drugs.Talking about how to get rid of acne by the pope specialist can recommend salicylic ointment.Do not try to save the spirit of the same name, as it is too dry the skin, and the frequent use of a burn may occur.The ointment is considered more concentrated, therefore, is more effective.As a good disinfectant and antibacterial drug can be purchased "Baziron".

How to quickly get rid of pimples on the ass?Prevention

In order not to have to urgently deal with the problem bothers, precautions must be taken.Firstly, underwear must be made of cotton and change daily.Secondly, for personal hygiene selected specifically means, preferably in the form of a foam or gel.Now in stores a wide range of such products.If there is a threat to the debate of the skin, have to fork out for odor control agents.These methods do not bring the desired results?Then it is necessary to reflect on the state of their health and make an appointment to the doctor.And, of course, do not forget the food, it must be based on natural products.At the time of treatment exclude coffee and alcoholic beverages, the amount of fried and richly flavored dishes in the diet should be minimized.