The national currency of Turkey must know that every tourist

national currency of one of the most popular tourist destinations is the Turkish Lira.The currency in Turkey is mostly used only by locals.Foreign visitors prefer to pay in dollars, euros or rubles less.However, they do not even know what to pay for purchases in local currency goes sometimes cheaper.


To date, the Republic of Turkey is used to handle the new Turkish lira.The currency in Turkey was released in early 2005.The reason for these changes is high inflation.For example, in 1966, one dollar could get a 9 lira, and in 2004 for one US dollar was a fortune - more than one million pounds.Of course, to pay that kind of money was not easy, but all were "millionaires."Once entered into use the new currency, everything became much easier.One new lira became the equivalent of one million old lira.Previously an old abbreviation for - TL (ie Turkish lira), now the new designated YTL (New Turkish Lira).


in circulation used as banknotes and coins.On each of them you can see the portrait of the first and most beloved President of the Turkish Republic - Mustafa Ataturk.Banknotes are presented in nominal values ​​of 5 and up to 200 pounds.Important to remember that one Turkish lira equivalent to 100 kurush.Coins are used with par value of 1 to 50 kurush biggest coin equivalent to one lira.

What currency to take to Turkey

As mentioned, many foreign guests take with them mainly dollars.Of course, because this currency is widely used elsewhere are taking.The euro is better not to take, you will pay for very disadvantageous exchange rate.Very strange, but Turkey euros equate to the dollar.But the single European currency might need you at airports, namely in the duty free shops.Turkey's national currency would be appropriate in small shops and markets.It also accept dollars and euros, but the course is generally not in favor of the buyer.

Where to exchange money

In Turkey a lot of places where you can exchange currency.This can be done at the reception in the hotel, local residents, but it is best to choose banks, exchange offices and mail.With a sure to take your passport.Many people think that the exchange rate in Turkey is not very stable.In fact it was in the last century, we can say that the Turkish lira holds its position.The national currency of Turkey in 2013 equals about 16 rubles, or $ 0.5.

Travel Tips

Before the trip to Turkey, take into service the following tips.

  1. buy as YTL, as you can spend.Return exchange is not profitable.
  2. Before the trip to buy some Turkish liras, then you can still buy in any exchanger.
  3. calculates local currency markets and buying souvenirs.Check
  4. money on falsity, and take the old lire with a lot of zeros.
  5. Look for stores with the sign Tax Free.By filling out the necessary documents, at the airport, you can reclaim the tax amount, which is about 12% of the value of the goods.
  6. And finally - do not forget to count the money, not very far from the cash register.