How to connect a Web camera to your computer

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Perhaps each owner of a modern personal computer or laptop at least once tempted to try to catch up with friends or relatives through a global network.And not just to talk (this is easy to handle mobile phone) and see familiar faces on the screen.Now this problem, which only yesterday seemed impossible, it is solved - just video conferencing.It requires very little:

- to connect to a global network with the access speed of at least 1 megabit (more is better);

- to buy a device for recording / broadcasting images and sound;

- read how to connect a Web camera to your computer and consistently execute procedures;

- install the software for video and connect with the right person via the Internet.

As you can see, everything is quite simple.In addition, every year the computers to use easier: first technology Plug- & amp; -Play free users from having to understand the DMA channels and interrupt;Then came the Plug and Play USB devices with the ability to work without special drivers (Driver Free);Now and operating systems become simpler.Connect your webcam, and its subsequent adjustment possible even for a schoolboy.Not what it used to when the device went two wires - microphone and interface.Now figure out how to connect a webcam, you can in just a few minutes.

First of all it is worth noting that it does not matter who the manufacturer webcam.This can be A4Tech, Creative, Microsoft and others. In addition notebooks and easier - camera already built (the same eye on the screen).But how to connect the webcam, there are some nuances.

Modern external USB cameras, as already mentioned, do not require drivers to work.They simply set on the table (the monitor), and connect the USB plug into any available slot of the system unit.Will run the video and if you want to adjust the image slightly.The notebook is where the camera is already built, it is usually necessary to install the driver - a special control program.It can be found on the system drive (included with the computer) or downloaded from the manufacturer according to the model.

However, this answer to the question "how to connect a webcam" is not exhausted.After installing the driver, again, if required, you can check the operation of the device.In Windows XP it's very easy - open the shortcut "My Computer" and left to find a video device.Will press on your camera, and to contemplate its own image on the screen.By the way, please note - if the camera is activated, then next to it is lit.

But in versions of Windows, from Vista, Microsoft has abolished the function.Now, to test the operation of the camera, you need to run a separate program that communicates with the device.It is not difficult to guess that most often it is Skype.

necessary to start the program, sign up.Then proceed to the "Tools - Options - Video Settings."Usually so as to connect the webcam, the difficulties do not arise.