Unexpected value of Apple shares jump

modern economic system with its public companies give every adult the opportunity to take the risk, invest blood and sweat-earned capital in some, according to his opinion, perspective business and try to get rich.The American Dream, you might say.But many who have long been the risk is not necessary.Because you can use the exact calculation methods of modern mathematical modeling and analysis that for a certain, fairly compressed period of time will allow the player to take the right decision about settling in equity.And if there is, and other means of influence on the stock market, because it's not proanaliziruesh, the risks are reduced almost to zero.Modern financial flows and their effects on the different pricing factors are quite voluminous, complex and interdependent processes of forming conditions for unfair gambling.That, in turn, with the correct approach can be an excellent occasion to quietly cross the face of the law.

Racing share price Apple, which took place recently,

can serve as an example intentional combining various kinds of factors that affect the value of the securities.But they can also be an example of the impact of a set of a certain number of matches on their price and volatility index of IT-industry as a whole.

investment attractiveness of the company Apple

Today's share price Apple is about 487.96 US dollars per share, which is average for a multibillion-dollar corporation.This amount is proposed for one security company in recent trading on the New York Stock Exchange, it is the result of hard work of the marketing managers of the giant apple and close their cooperation with mobile network operators.Growth in the value of shares Apple linked to the recent start of sales of new smartphones.While many analysts and talked about the inevitability of the fall of the capitalization level of the organization because of unsuccessful presentations of new products.It happened at the beginning of September, when the share price Apple fell by an average of 5.6%.But the managers of the company, and this time beat the pragmatic analysts betting on flexible contracts with the mobile network operators.This is evidenced by the record number of pre-orders of 2 million. Smartphone in the US market in the first 24 hours of sales.Thus, the panic caused by different kinds of investors and market analysts, after the presentation of new products and the fall in the value of shares Apple could well be a planned operation by doling out the piece cheapened securities giant.This, in turn, has played into the hands, and the people who seized the moment reduction of price and multiplied their number, as well as equity.

Apple shares today

Although many who invest in the IT-industry can seem unpredictable, but a more accurate analysis and mathematical modeling of doubt immediately dispersed.Especially if you have the opportunity to influence the stock market impact of alternative instruments.Then the share price Apple or other giant thanks to connections with highly qualified top managers of the company will be more than predictable.