Types of transport

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Transportation - is a means of movement of people, information and goods from one place to another.The following category (s) of transport: common, uncommon, personal.Public transport is designed to serve the trade and the public.Uncommon - in-house and in-plant.Personal - bicycles, cars, yachts, airplanes.

Depending on the nature of the movement, modes of transport can be divided into the following: water, road, rail, air and cartage.

Water transport

most ancient type of movement - it is on the water.For centuries, it remained the most important for mankind.This was especially true of trade, research expeditions and wars.

Water transport and today plays an important role.More than 60% of all freight is transported in this manner.This is advantageous because of the low cost and large capacity.However, many people prefer to move faster.

Road Transport

It is the most common and, according to many experts, the most dangerous form of transport.He appeared relatively recently, in the late XIX century.The advantages include: speed, agility, flexibility.

With trucks carrying all kinds of cargo.At large distances, use a train is much cheaper than rail.Especially in the case of transportation of valuable cargo.For example, perishable food, which is very important for the speed of delivery.

Cars personal use has almost every person on the planet.They are convenient for daily trips (work, shopping, and so on), and for long journeys.

as public road transport are common buses.They are operated in the cities and suburbs, as well as for long-distance, international flights and tourist traffic.

Besides buses as urban public transport trolley used.


These kinds of transport appeared in the XIX century and quickly gained his place.Railways connect the city, industrial facilities, and so on.Such movements have advantages: high capacity, reliability.However, they are inferior in the rate of road transport.

great importance still have commuter rail and subway.

Air transport

This is the fastest and most expensive form of transport.Through it, is mostly passenger transport.Less is delivering mail, valuable and perishable products.One of the main shortcomings of modern aircraft is excessive noise, which is produced by them during takeoff.


This type of transportation was mastered by people in ancient times.This trip to the animals on horseback, in carriages or sleigh.As draft animals used horses, oxen, elephants, camels, llamas, dogs.

All these modes of transport are undergoing various changes and improved over time.Getting in various life situations, a person begins to invent and reinvent.Many casual invention later used successfully.

unusual modes of transport can now be found in different corners of the Earth.The most famous of them:

  1. Floating Bus in Canada.
  2. Suspension Train in Germany.
  3. underground funicular Carmel in Israel.
  4. Polar ATVs in Canada.
  5. Ice Boat US.
  6. water taxi in Thailand.
  7. Bamboo train in Cambodia.
  8. cable car in the United States.

Despite its uniqueness, they successfully cope with the task.This gives reason to think that the future of humanity waiting for many more discoveries, including in the field of transport.