What should be the shampoo lice and nits?

Pediculosis - a fairly common problem, especially in children.That is why many parents are wondering how to be a shampoo lice and nits.Indeed, in every pharmacy presented a fairly wide range of such funds.

Where are head lice?

accepted that the nits and lice - a sign of inadequate care and poor personal hygiene.In fact, even the neat people the risk of catching these diseases.Lice - nasekomoobraznyh representatives of the group, which are parasitic on human skin.As a rule, they are "live" on the hairy parts of the body.It is to the adult hairs attaches its eggs.Vital functions of the parasite is accompanied by severe itching and discomfort.

And before considering what shampoo lice and nits choose should learn more about the methods of infection.In fact, pick up the parasite is not so difficult.It is enough just close contact with an infected person.That is why to suffer from such a problem mainly children, especially those who attend kindergartens, schools, clubs and so on. D. After all, during the game, and joint training toddlers close contact with each other.Chance and household transmission, for example via towels, bed linens, clothing, comb hair and other items.

What should be effective lice shampoo?

At the time, the only way to get rid of parasites has short hair and scalp treatment of kerosene.Today, at any pharmacy you can buy shampoo from lice and nits that will easily cope with the problem, but the girls still retain hair.So what components should include means?

  • Today one of the most effective substances is permethrin.It acts on the nervous system of parasites causing them to paralysis and death.This component is contained in the shampoo "NOC", which, incidentally, is quite safe for children older than two years, as has no toxic effects.Today is very popular and shampoo "Veda" lice.Feedback from customers confirms that this tool allows you to quickly clean the skin from insects.
  • Another fatal to parasites substance is fenotripin.
  • Fosfoorganicheskoe substance malathion also effective against head lice.Shampoo lice and nits "Pedilin" contains in its composition is the component.

How to use shampoo?Helpful hints for the treatment of lice

Of course, each such funds instruction manual.However, most modern shampoos are designed for single use - it is not necessary to wash my hair every day, as this may lead to the development of an allergic reaction.After shampooing it is necessary to remove all the dead parasites using comb or hairbrush.As a precaution, experts recommend repeat a week later.

But one shampoo to remove nits is not enough.The first treatment is best place for the whole family.If you come in contact with the sick child, the probability of getting a parasite on your skin is very high.

Secondly, in the processing needs not only the scalp.As already mentioned, lice can linger and household items.Therefore, disinfection needs clothes, bed linens, combs, barrettes and towels.In short, everything that used a sick man - the only way to avoid re-infection.For the treatment of these subjects also have special preparations, such as an aerosol "Pair Plus".