Gel varnishes «Entity» - a worthy choice for the modern woman

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Gel varnishes «Entity» can be considered a real revolution in the field of decorative cosmetics.

step forward

More recently, nail decoration for women used only conventional liquid paint.It can be bought in any store.This tool is still sold in small glass vials, complete with a small brush.The product is easy to apply and creates a thin film of the nail plate.

main drawback of conventional varnish is its detrimental effect on the nail plate and fragility.It is very susceptible to external influences, so after a short time (3-4 days) have to change the cover.Over time, new types of paints (solid, acrylic, quick-drying), and in recent years widespread nails using special gels.But science does not stand still and soon worldwide fame gained new gel varnish «Entity».They made a real revolution in the industry of nail design.These coatings are based on modern technologies and have a number of significant advantages over the already known means.Gel varnishes «Entity»:

1) harmlessness .They do not contain acetone and other hazardous substances.

2) Durable .It holds up to three weeks.

3) Useful .Take care of the nail and allow it to breathe.

4) Diverse .They have a wide palette of colors.

5) have a large volume of the vial. varnish does not dry out, and one jar is enough for almost a year.

these qualities enough to stop the choice on this product.

application technique

usually produce gel capacity in hairdressing salons or specialized.Gel varnishes «Entity» can easily be applied at home without professional assistance.To work need some additional funds, which are also manufactured by «Entity».In general, before starting work on the table should be:

  • ultraviolet lamp.
  • oil cuticle treatment,
  • disinfector,
  • primer acid free,
  • coating base,
  • coating color,
  • a top coating.

Now you only carry out the following actions:

  1. a manicure.
  2. Apply oil and lightly push the cuticle.
  3. Clean and remove dust from the nail disinfectant.
  4. for hardening compound coating process it with a fingernail primer.
  5. Apply a base coat and dry it under the lamp.
  6. Apply color coat (gel coating) and too dry.Repeat this procedure as often as necessary to achieve the desired shade.
  7. Process finished nail top-end coating and final drying.

Now you only have to clean the tools and enjoy the finished result.

Thoughts aloud

Many women today to decorate their nails choose exactly «Entity» -gel varnish, reviews of which are literally turned upside upside down view of the manicure.Due to the nature of its structure becomes more complicated application procedure.However, this is minor compared to that gives a new coating.Almost all the girls unanimously called it the most durable.Indeed, such an unusual nail polish can hold up to three weeks without losing its properties.It does not crack and does not form chips on the side.The smooth, glossy surface creates the impression that the composition has just done.Nails look neat and tidy.In addition, the thickness of the coating smoothes out all irregularities that remain after grinding nail file.This effect can not be achieved with liquid varnish.It only emphasizes the visible defects.A «Entity» new models like the nail and makes it perfect.Many women can only dream about this, and to fulfill their desires can only «Entity» (gel coating).Reviews concern not only external qualities, but the internal features.Do not forget about the unique positive effect it has on the nail plate.It is fully protected and the applied layer does not have any negative impact on it.

Variety selection

Gel nail polish «Entity» allows you to make them not only beautiful, but also different from others.This is achieved through a rich palette of colors.Collection «Entity» has more than 140 of different colors, from white and natural, which are intended for the French manicure, to different variants of all colors.These paints can have three degrees of density:

  • translucent,
  • dense,
  • transparent.

All shades are made with the addition of further extraordinary effects:

  • pearlescent,
  • metallic,
  • neon,
  • holography,
  • with mica,
  • Glitter,
  • magnetic,
  • «thermo».

choosing the desired characteristics, it is possible to choose the desired option.And if over time it will get tired of the top layer can be applied to conventional varnish.By the way, is applied to the coating, it lasts much longer.Remove it very easy.There is no need to expose the nail to mechanical stress (sawing, etc.).To do this, you can just use a special tool, as well as take a normal liquid polish remover or acetone.

fee pleasure

Nowadays, many women choose as a way to decorate your nail varnish is a gel «Entity».Product price is relatively low compared with similar instances of other brands.The average cost of a color coating lie within 750 rubles.But for this price you can only buy a bottle of nail polish with a capacity of 15 milliliters.However, this is not enough.To ensure that you have a complete set of all the liquid components, and it will take about three thousand.Furthermore, it is necessary to acquire the liquid to remove layers, which, depending on the volume of the bottle is from 350 to 920 rubles.In general, the procedure will cost is not cheap, but we must remember that it will have to do very often.This coating is usually changed in two cases:

1) It is necessary to change the color.

2) The nail plate is growing back so much that stands out against the background of the painted parts.

many salons now master of habit Wear "Shellac".Their cost is much higher, but that does not detract from the merits «Entity».Lower price speaks only about the availability of the product and that in the future it could easily overshadow previously popular brands.