Five plants for the dark corners of the house

For cultivation of most houseplants need a well-lit room, so they are placed on a window sill or near windows.But some green friends can grow in the back of the room, decorated with green, even low-light corners of the house.About five of these plants will be discussed in this article.

One of the most popular shade tolerance - is aspidistra (Aspidistra elatior).In nature, it grows in deeply shaded areas in the forests east Asia.It grows relatively slowly, her large shiny dark green leaves do not suffer from dry air and dust.Blossoms small dark brown flowers, similar to the scales.They are hard to spot, because they appear to the ground and are not decorative value, in contrast to the luxury of the leaves.Aspidistra - a real godsend for those who want to have a plant that does not require maintenance.

2. In second place among the shade-loving plants - ferns , which in nature grow in the shade of trees and shrubs.They do not get used to the lack of sunlight.The apartments are often cultivated Nephrolepis (Nephrolepis exaltata), maidenhair lady's hair (Adiantum capillus veneris) and polipodium (Polypodium aureum).Nephrolepis easily adapts to all conditions and excellent indoor growing even in relatively cold room.In principle, all ferns are not picky and feel better in partial shade and coolness.They should be planted in a light mixture of leaf soil, humus and sand, and make sure that the top layer of soil is not dried out much, and often spray.

3. walls in a remote corner of a dark room will help to decorate common ivy (Hedera helix).He is a very shadow-and unpretentious, easily propagated by cuttings.However, variegated varieties need still sufficient light, otherwise they lose their variegation, turning into an ordinary green ivy.Ivy takes the stage for a loose and fertile, watered quite profusely and regularly spray the leaves, especially during the heating season.

4. Chlorophytum (Chlorophytum) - another candidate for placement in dimly lit corners.It is easy to put up with the errors in care, with occasional watering and lack of sun.It grows well in artificial light, the whole forming a curtain of several outlets beautiful curved leaves.The soil for him take a loose and fertile.In summer, watering should be abundant in the winter - rarely, but it is advisable to spray more often.

5. And if you want to grow in the shade of a beautiful flower, in this case, is simply irreplaceable clivia (Clivia miniata).Its dark green linear leaves live for several years, forming dense beautiful outlet.This plant is a stunningly beautiful flowers.They are collected in umbellate inflorescence a solid spike high, sometimes there may be 15-20 units.Cleave Grow in fertile soil, richly flavored with humus.In winter, watering is almost not required, but in the summer should be watered abundantly.

In addition to these plants grow good in dimly lit places, many palms, Ficus, Monstera, dracaena, Syngonium, tsissus, tsiperus, bromeliads and other representatives of the flora room.They will help to revitalize and beautify any corner of the house, you only need to show a little imagination and patience in the search for suitable plants.

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