Magical properties of beads

Today, for many obvious is the fact that the gems have a healing effect and influence on the human psyche.But the glass, and, hence, the beads, which it is made, has no less force.No wonder the magicians and soothsayers used and continue to use their existing product is made of glass that opens clairvoyant abilities.In ancient civilizations, the glass used for the manufacture of amulets - considered that a simple low beads can take the evil eye, envy and even damage.

Perhaps in ancient beliefs is rational, and glass, glass beads and pearls do have a certain power.Of course, they, unlike the large crystal balls are very small and do not have such a strong energy, but it is believed that the beads easily picks up the frequency of vibrations of the human body, regulates and stabilizes it.Thanks to the "glass beads" can take the headache and stress.These same experts use to activate and biologically active points of the body.

on the magical properties of glass is applied more and energy master who creates a work of beads.Perhaps that is why beaded jewelry may actually be charms and amulets.They will absorb the negative energy, and they say that when it accumulates too much, the product breaks or gets lost.So do not grieve for lost much decoration.

should be remembered that the beads can "absorb" the energy sector is not only a good master, but also bad.If beaded jewelry purchased from a stranger, it is better, just in case, "discharge" it "ground" by putting, for example, in a flower pot for 2-3 days.The best mascots, according to many, are pendants, neck tape - the so-called Gaitana - and bracelets.And if they are, there is also an ornament, the force of jewelry increased by several times.It is believed that the method of weaving is not less important than drawing, and most suitable for warding are "dense" mosaic weaving and weaving of "cross."The denser beads adjacent to each other, the better they will save energy.

should pay attention to the color and decoration.Beads of different colors and will have different properties.Many, for example, believe that the red - the color of love, but it's different beads.His red shades are also, however, like the orange, will protect the host or hostess of the "evil eye."While it is important to follow the main rule - do not overdo it, as too much red or orange beads can cause upset stomach or intestine.From the evil eye as well to yellow beads, and if he is a golden sheen, it will not only protect the owner, but also to attract money.

But loneliness and unrequited love must save the charms of pure green or blue beads without metallic sheen.The product of the pearl purple beads pave the way for a new romance.

Ā«Find yourself" and decoration will gain confidence from hematite beads - black with silver shimmer.Black and white "balls" good clean aura absorb negative emotions and makes its owner more than a strong-willed and determined.

Charm of purple beads without metallic luster will stimulate the development of magical powers and a kind of clairvoyance, for example, the ability to guess the thoughts of other people and understand the meaning of events in their true light.

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