How do I know the balance on the card of Privatbank, without using an ATM

Today, PrivatBank is the leading Ukrainian bank, and its advantages over other lies not only in its leading position.The Bank has at its disposal a broad infrastructure, allowing its customers can quickly get what they need.In addition, the financial institution provides its users with extensive opportunities sms and Internet banking, with which to learn balance on a map of Privatbank, and produce many other operations can, without leaving home.

call the service center

Perhaps the most affordable way to use additional features Privatbank - a call to the service center toll-free number 3700. Check the balance on the map Privat Service Center by calling it from the phone number that was specified when itdesign.After connecting with the help of voice prompts answering machine you will need to select "Check the status of the account."Then enter the last 4 digits of the 16-digit card number, which you want to learn.After that, the answering machine will inform you about the balance in your account, and other information about it.

Service Center - is the fastest way to find a balance on a map of Privatbank.In addition, you can contact the operator and ask him your questions, or if necessary to block the card.For example, if you lost it.The main condition to use these services, - you must make a call to the number tied to your card.

SMS banking

If you for some reason do not fit the above method, the system is designed for that SMS-banking.How do you know your card balance Privatbank via SMS?To do this, the number 10060 only need to send an SMS, the text of which you want to specify the last 4 digits of the 16 listed on the right side of your "plastic".It is worth the SMS as a normal message, and no extra charge for the service does not charge Privatbank.Send SMS in a few minutes you will receive a reply message, which will be provided with information about the remaining balance on the map.

also with SMS-banking, you can add funds to any mobile operator in Ukraine, to transfer funds to another card or even change the PIN-code of your card.Get the full list of commands by sending the number 10060 the word HELP.However, some basic commands are listed on the back of most cards Privatbank.It remains only to recall that this service will only work if the mobile phone number from which you want to send SMS, tied to your "plastic".

How do you know your card balance via the Internet Privatbank

widest possible self-management account Privatbank provides users with online banking.Service "Privat24" is located at, and to start it is necessary to register.It also does not dispense with the telephone number attached to your card.Because every time you connect to the service for the safety of you will need to enter a verification code, which will come to your mobile as an SMS.

If you have any difficulties in using this service, you can take the help of online consultant or contact the operator of the service center to the number 3700.


You probably have already managed to draw attention to the fact thatUse the above services necessary to have a phone number associated with your card.It's kind of the key to the bank's services.And with its help it is possible not only to learn balance on a map of Privatbank, but also to transfer or withdraw funds from it, so be careful and try to limit unauthorized access to your mobile.

use the service of Privatbank easy and very convenient, because they are developed in the age of computer technology and optimized in a way that could handle them one.