Who is the law-abiding person?A citizen who respects the law , and the law , which was created for the citizens

Life in society forces people to comply with certain rules and regulations.One of the important conditions is law-abiding.Who is the law-abiding person?What determines the law-abiding?What is the consequence of the discharge of law enforcement?Let's talk about this in this article.

Law & Order

What is the law?This word was known to people before our era, and it has always meant one thing - a rule that defines the relationship between people and between people and the state.

when society was less civilized, that is, was not of individual states and the state apparatus, and lack of religious commandments.Whatever the religion and what religion for example or take today, commandments have always been like - the prohibition of murder, theft, lies and condemnation of envy.However, the emergence of countries the boundaries between the rulers of the nations demanded more severe measures to control society.That's right, if the society is to live by the rules, people will understand that it is not in need of the ruling elite, which usually operate only for their own interests.That is why the example of the citizen is a law-abiding person.Who is it?He who lives by the rules of the state, listening to the governor, and doing everything in the name of a particular country.

Who is the law-abiding person?

easy to guess that he who lives without breaking the law, and there are law-abiding citizen.However, do not confuse the state laws and the laws of God.Laws in the country designed to ensure that citizens can coexist peacefully, work, have a family, and most importantly - filling the coffers through taxes.Tax evasion is considered no less terrible crime than murder.

The laws of God are called to save the human soul.They intersect with the laws of any country to ban the killing, and stealing, but also calls not to lose heart, do not be jealous, do not be proud, do not betray.

the question: "Who is the law-abiding man?" - The answer most often given is within the laws of the state, but people who know and respect their religion necessarily fall under this definition.

All you obey the law?

On this subject there is a good movie director Gary Gray's "Law Abiding Citizen" with the actors Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler, which indicates that following the laws does not make one a good, but sin can come from representatives of the authorities.Perhaps this is one of the main problems today - a violation of the laws of those who invented them.Like any invention of man, not of nature, the laws are not always suitable for everyone.Those who earn a lot, does not want to share (tax), those who have access to the state treasury (budget), are not averse to borrow from there to their needs.The police are often used weapons, not because I should, but because it has such an opportunity.Creation of an effective legal device - that is the primary task for any country.But an equally important task - to control the implementation of legislation by all participants of legal relations.

Can you break the law

figure out who called law-abiding man, answer the following questions: "Is it possible to remain a law-abiding person breaking the law?ยป

Alas, yes - the system is not perfect, and many citizensoften violate the law, but without being caught, continue to function in the system.Sometimes it's minor violations that do not result in serious consequences, such as a traffic violation.There is hardly a driver who at least once in his life did not exceed the speed.But a more serious problem - worker road inspection service who takes a bribe for a similar offense.

even more serious example - is mutually beneficial cooperation gangs with the authorities, which helps those and other rich at the expense of victims.You can not pull one size fits all, but there are many examples.


Who is the law-abiding person?One who observes certain rules of a state.These rules are different everywhere, but have much in common with religious precepts.So, the law prohibits stealing and killing, is in every civilized country.Compliance with the law - a private matter, but Failure to follow them has serious problems in the form of penalties, fines or imprisonment.