How to put in place the slave?

business ethics today more relevant than ever.Human resource management has become a profession.Everybody was talking about motivation and human factor.For variety, in this article I would like to discuss the topic of consumer attitudes subordinated to the head.

perhaps any leader, sooner or later comes up with the idea that it is used.And the more professional manipulator, the later the thought arises.And then the next question arises, how to put a subordinate place.

What threatens chief

most often occurs passive manipulation.Let us examine the most common types of workers Dodgers.

  1. Those who consistently ask for salary increases or other benefits.Often it is a personal driver.Almost always, they perform some additional responsibilities and rests on that.Suitable complaints linked to the disease, the ostentatious demonstration of devotion and the most fulsome flattery.With such should immediately sever relations until he found someone who for additional benefits entice your grabber and find out about you too much.And do not worry about breaking the "warm" relations more could be worse.
  2. passive manipulation by the endless complaints of poor living conditions, poor health and the disorder in the family.At first spontaneous impulse to help, "politely" refused, but the case put himself "Kazan orphan" still does not miss.Call "pity the poor thing" and read in a pitying expression.What to do?Before you rush to help, do not hesitate to ask for supporting documents.For example, the FAQ, in the case of illness.Charity should be reasonable.
  3. manipulation "by contradiction".Worker consistently been ahead of official duties and refuses additional incentives."Human Resource Management" and the like is not required.What causes first surprise, then affection, then - need to react.In this case, the game is called "Our firm I - native" or "This much I'm responsible."

Do you really believe that?All people - bosses, subordinates - work for money, but with varying degrees of satisfaction.Talk to the employee.Try to find the true motivation.Recognition in the team?Or simply aiming at your place?Be careful.And remember - the more you give the person, the more he wants.

With love to the "boss"

How to put in place a subordinate when he strongly demonstrates loyalty?

no secret that in any group of flattery spread in all its forms and manifestations.The more vulnerable we are on this issue, the better buy into some simple trick.Think you're really the best?What percentage of truth in the words of a slave?If nothing confusing or disturbing - maybe it's time to finish with the training of personal growth and look at the situation appropriately?

Sometimes subordinate frankly cares for you.Yes, it happens, and love in the workplace can also be found.But an office romance - a time bomb, you never know at what point explode.Think many times before engaging in "hazing" relations with subordinates.Most likely, you or the other, sooner or later have to change jobs.

addition to the above situations, the head daily basis "to resolve" abyss of small and serious problems that brings the work to subordinates.In all cases, it will help elementary knowledge of human psychology, and an understanding of how and with whom to "fight."Each type of subordinates - their style of communication.So, what are these types?

People and masks

"Irreplaceable".Agrees to replace and replace all.Often does not my job.Proud that everything is able.He understands perfectly.He knows the word "need."

"vain" - takes on the case only when you can show off their own "I".That is why the public does not shy away from work.From vanity it can be made to do anything, but you need to keep within the limits.

"practice."Achieve results in any way.All subjects use, but slightly obsessed and not able to think big.Lengthy reflections considers unnecessary.Controlling this is not necessary, but you want to be sure to set realistic goals and to clarify all details.


"Unstable".Interest in the work of the flashes, then goes out.Active only when the job he likes.Needs "shake" and a constant reminder of his own responsibilities.Such is not superfluous to accurately prescribe the time frame.

"Business."In the workplace, it is rare.Always somewhere or sitting somewhere in a hurry.That can and should instruct his department to provide external contacts.Give as much social work.And to make sure that from time to time he also appeared in his own workplace.

"Authority".She loves to teach all and does not tolerate disrespect.As a rule, older people.Charge him as a consultant, stressing the big business and life experience.Handle carefully and respectfully emphasized.

addition ...

"Zaorganizovanny."It makes all only according to instructions.Entrust Disain this problem, for example, a folder with the incoming and outgoing documents.And he just feels it necessary.

"Bummer."Work begins no earlier than after a couple of reminders.Special meaning in their actions did not see, does not require feedback.The sad situation.

"creatives".Interested everything works quickly and creatively.Quite vulnerable and can not bear to adapt to the circumstances.Respects honesty and openness.It needs to recognize and tactful support.Collaborate with him, stressing his uniqueness and indispensability, do not try to move him to reject the idea.And then he will wring mountains.

Well, as a slave to put in place?

Here are some tips that are useful to any manager.

There subordinate, poorly owning a capable and at the slightest criticism fall into aggression.In a soft and delicate Chief (especially women managers) communicating with subordinates of this type - a real headache.Is frequent temptation to "prepare" for such an unpleasant conversation.But it is better to go directly to the point.Calmly and strictly point out mistakes and omissions.Then listen to full justification, usually outrage and attempts to put the blame on circumstances and third parties.Keep calm.Do not allow yourself to withdraw from the main - the question of how he was going to correct mistakes.

Another situation - after an unpleasant conversation, you allowed yourself a few friendly words.And we understood that all criticism immediately forgotten, the conclusions are made.Praise advantage.In this case it is better to replace the abstract words of support tactful analysis of the situation and search options fixes.The slave must learn from the conversation constructive conclusions.

Emotions and their absence

Officer silent in response to your criticism.You do not get the feedback that you are annoying and angry.Try to deal with it by his method.Do not engage in long conversations, express yourself concisely and to the point, and then need to answer.Silently wait for his reaction.The main thing - to make it clear that the leave is not to clarify the situation, will not succeed.

In response to criticism of subordinates (usually women) reacted very emotionally, and even cry.The conversation has to collapse and bring the necessary considerations to the destination fails.In this case, how to put in place the slave?

Tears - a great trick.If you managed to once - crying in the office will take place at the slightest need and without it.Do not let yourself bring down confused.Pause and ask handkerchief.Then continue the thought.Tell me everything you need and have at least a promise to rectify the situation.Do not forget that right now you are the object of manipulation.

Called "on the carpet" slave threw a fit right in the office.Close the door - the audience you to anything.Try to understand what hurt him so.If there are no specific charges, possibly a man just broke overload of nervous tension or totally extraneous issues.Penetrating the essence of the case, try (in the case of a valid reason) to rectify the situation, if it depended on you.Of course, not easy to keep calm.But remember that the explosion of indignation, as a rule, is not addressed to you.And then do not take offense at that.If

Deputy behaves inappropriately

you believe your deputy too democratic and gives employees a lot of freedom.You also have to clean up.How to correctly use the situation?And why not share them with anxiety?Make it clear that it works well.But the responsibility for their own style of leadership will be held entirely by himself.Before you take action, make sure that the problem really exists.

reverse situation - Deputy good as a professional, but rude and hurting people.Attempts to discuss the ineffective because it does not consider this a problem.Relations between managers and subordinates, in this case the cause of harm.What to do?

Rude people find it difficult to understand why to be sensitive.And why should they care about.Responding to specific situations and show how it was possible to solve the problem of "soft" methods of faster and more efficiently.Do not overload theory, he will not understand.It will take time, but a good atmosphere in the team is worth it.

Head - a father

What to do when subordinates are treated with personal questions?Nothing can be done - to hear and create a welcoming atmosphere.Demonstrate understanding and helpfulness.Do not underestimate the problem and do not play the judge.Help the useful information and not free advice.If possible Provide real help.

Slave - small complainant and a sneak.If the reasons for the complaints are always different, perhaps, the case of a lack of attention.Tell that most of his good work.Perhaps a flood of complaints decrease.If not - explain that you are busy and can not constantly interrupted.Offer to come back later.So you can almost put an end to complaints.

In general, the theme of "Leadership and subordinates" inexhaustible.Each case requires an individual approach.

Think about the motivation

Here are five important tips to the head, wanting to increase the motivation of employees.

  1. clearly formulate the tasks to subordinates understand what is required of them.
  2. possible, designated at the work that suits him best.
  3. Make sure that employees are confident in their competence.If they doubt it, the incentive disappears.
  4. provide information about what to do at each stage.Do not forget about ratings and comments.
  5. After completing encourage them.