Abutilon - maple room

abutilon called in Russia potted maple.The room - because it is grown exclusively in the home.Maple - because of the beautiful carved leaves.But in fact, this plant has no relation to the maple.Besides abutilon not quite houseplant summer it is much better not in the house and in the garden.

abutilon genus includes about 150 species, which grow in tropical and subtropical America, Africa, Australia and Asia.But as decorative cultured several types.One of the most common we have - abutilon Sello (Abutilon sellovianum).

even more attractive abutilon Hybrid (Abutilon x hybridus), derived by crossing a few native species.


abutilon good also because it does not require complex care, and any special conditions.That they bloom for a long time and not lose their leaves, exposing the long branches, it requires a fertile and loose, well water is about to start up the soil.Abutilon suffer from waterlogging and drying out of the substrate and thus also shed their leaves.If this happens, the plant s

hould be cut and feed.

the winter abutilon prefer light, dry and cool room with temperatures 10-15 degrees.Watering is moderate, the soil should not dry up.

summer abutilon better place so that was a lot of light, but not direct sunlight fell on the plant, otherwise it will darken the edges of the leaves begin to curl and fall off.And even better - to take him to the cottage in the garden.

container with the plant can be put in front of the house or on the porch, as long as it is protected from the wind.Here, even in bright sunlight abutilon Hybrid and Sella will feel good with regular abundant watering.For abutilon megapotamskogo must choose a shady place (and indoors and outdoors).On the bright sun of his tender leaves turn pale and variegated varieties losing pattern.


usually propagated by cuttings abutilon, however magnificent large-hybrids F1, derived relatively recently grown from seed.Cuttings - ripened shoots - can be rooted in perlite substrate or any light in the water.The roots appear in about two weeks.

Articles Source: leika.ru