Few explanatory

All of them were written by the staff and employees of the same firm where one of the first steps of the new director was the introduction of strict discipline and explanatory requirement of any violation of it.

... I'm late for work for 95 minutes, because the evening quarreled with mother-it is not revenge woke me up in the morning.

... I returned from lunch at 16:50, because it forgot the purse and waited in the cafe until I brought the money.Ugly to leave without paying.

... Treaty *** now dissolved in my computer.It is the second time doing so.

... I was out on the 16.12.2010 for good reason, about which there can not be distributed.

... I beg you not to consider my non-arrival 28.09.2010 absenteeism.I spoiled the castle, and in the day a locksmith ZhESa gash.I was immured in the apartment.

... 12.01.2011 I left work early, because I hasten to watch the clock was eight-thirty, and by employment contract working day ends at precisely 20:00.

... customer complaints A. is a slander, he had poor diction, I could not understand what he wants.

... April 8 was lovely spring weather, for which I missed.I admired her and was late.

... Client B. talked to me like I'm his cousin.I can not talk like that.

... I do not agree that the files on drive C - porn, erotica is easy, I have it instead of the break.

... Client B. does not know what he wants and demands from me incredible.

... June 5, I went into the woods and got lost.Therefore, late on Monday.

... I thought it was Friday - it's Saturday, and stayed at home with a clear conscience.

... I'm not rude client the D. I always speak emotionally, imaginatively, with the soul.

... 21.03.2011 during the lunch break, I went to the store, and the store lost electricity.It is not turned on the light, no one out.Then he checked whether all their intact.Call could not, I suddenly discharged phone.I returned to the office, because it was already dark.

... I was late because the village is not on the bus, and he became senseless circling the city.

... I do not download movies, Internet download them myself without my permission.

... 10.02.2011 In the morning I read your horoscope and upset because there were nothing but trouble.At this point, the client called E. and came under hot hand.I'm sorry about your incontinence.

... I was not drunk, I accidentally drank tea instead of my grandmother's medicine, but it all on alcohol.

... goods ordered by the client Jean, was sent to the client C, because they have similar addresses, only in different cities.Client C might notice it myself.

... I do not have time to draw up the documents, because I'm married.

... Yesterday, 19.07.2011, I fell off the horse, not enough sleep and too late.

... IM client at all abnormal.He thinks that just pays the money, so we are here to please his need to plan discounts and socialize.

... The Russian news said that they output.I did not know that we are not with them.

... Please fire me on their own, because my dignity can not be in an atmosphere of discharge.

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