12 reasons to find a new job

I do not want to go to work.If you often find yourself at such a thought, if every morning - an ordeal for you, and Friday evening - a long-awaited holiday, then, according to psychologists, there is every reason to think.We offer you 12 reasons to find a new job.

1. You constantly bored.You feel that you are working on complete autopilot.You know in advance all the actions of their colleagues and to the minute can predict when and on what subject you will call customers.Despite the fact that boredom or excessive nervousness often accompany even the most satisfied with the work of people, these "satellites" may still bring to depression.So if you do nothing else to do on a regular basis and you have to lay out the endless "headscarf", think may be better to find the use of their forces elsewhere?

2. Your skills are underutilized.We all know that the head of its efficiency must also be proved.This satrap should make sure that you can afford to be responsible for a particular area of ​​work.But if he is convinced in your competence for too long, we dare to suggest that the increase you have to wait almost until retirement.

3. He is a bad soldier who does not dream of becoming a general.And in the office: you do not want to be on the site of his boss, then your job does not match your needs.So, at least, the American psychologists.It's true: there has to be some incentive, "Climbing" the career ladder.So listen to the experts and ask yourself who you want to be at the finish line?No boss?Then you better participate in any other race.

4. Your boss (in a role which, recall, you kind of have to be dreaming) left office straight from hell.To avoid unnecessary speculation psychologists explain that this does not mean that he has a tail and horns, a ruler of your life so much that it seems to take absolutely all the space, including the relationship with the second half.In general, if you headed masterful manipulator, looking for another job - watch out nerves.

5. colleagues and all the rest of the environment, including cleaner Baba Valya frantically irritate their worldviews.Well, for example, you - an avid environmentalist and colleagues, leaving home without turning off the lights and computers.About a woman with her Valya detergents - generally a separate conversation.If you have irreconcilable differences, and while you are in the minority, a better job change.

6. Do not be Baba Wali and colleagues.You all just angry.Even the color of the walls.

7. You think too much about money.Lots of people do, but not for all salary - the number one issue.In short, not much you pay, and the gain in the short term is not expected.But the house is expected to repair the child's time to go to college, and the seaside resorts you can not afford to have that year.Here, incidentally, is not a sin to recall one of our favorite advice - monitorte the labor market in order to know how much you are actually standing.And you can endlessly change jobs hoping for the best, but in fact just do not know how to plan a budget.If this skill is all right, and you yourself assess the fair, looking for another job.

8. The company does not want to invest in you.If you have courses in English, typing and free fitness with LCA, interest in the work would be more.This is called a good attitude and motivation of the employer to the employee.Well, if you do not, your hard work, and no one cares, send those ungrateful to hell.

9. Your appearance has changed significantly, and not for the better.It is clear that if you have blossomed May rose, no complaints, but if the hair got out, and besides the eyes (and bruises under them) on the face is nothing left, then it pulls you work too hard.In addition to the eyes and bruises you should alert the abrupt change in weight and lack of happiness on his face.By the way, running the appearance will be more difficult to find new jobs.

10. You have become too emotional.Cry from the letter to the head, burst into tears on the request and colleagues staged a uniform hysterical after learning about the plan of sales for the next month.Stress has overtaken you.Urgent vacation.And does not help - change operation.

11. Or maybe you are, on the contrary, are very fond of his company.Baba Valya you are not furious at lack of Gelendzhik, typing courses are present.Only the company itself is breathing its last.How would you feel sad this may be, but the latter leaves the sinking hulk let your captain-chief.And you keep the work record in the personnel department agonizing company makes no sense.

12. The inner voice has long said that it is time to change the job.Not so this is nonsense: our intuition, whatever arguments we have it or drowned - a smart thing.By the way, perhaps, that in fact the main argument - just fear of the unknown.

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