Procedure for certification of workplaces

procedure for certification of workplaces approved by Pr.Number 342 of the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation.It applies to all economic entities of any organizational and legal forms.Certification of workplaces, work at the plant is carried out by specialized agencies that have the necessary state accreditation for the provision of services in this area.

What is the certification of workplaces?This analysis of the working conditions at the workplace konktrenom.The main legal document for its implementation is the Attestation Procedure.This document regulates all the main points of its implementation.

Procedure for certification of workplaces to evaluate the degree of probability of occurrence of loss of health in connection with the performance of professional duties of employees under contract.At the time it conducted the analysis of conditions in each place.According to the results of attestation to create a single database of current working conditions, payment of additives and possible discounts to the insurance rate for compulsory insurance of workers against possible accidents and occupational diseases.

Procedure for certification of workplaces also gives the opportunity to plan the conditions of insurance and implement protection measures and protection of labor and give workers information on existing health risks and harmful factors for those who are engaged in heavy and very harmful working conditions.Certification of working conditions to create a safe environment for all staff.But this is not the only advantage.A main task of certification - is carrying out a survey of the Audit safety conditions.According to the approval of the procedure newly introduced jobs must be certified as soon as they enter.Further planned certification can be carried out up to five years from the date of the last inspection.At the moment, the importance of ongoing certification of the different places of employment increased significantly, since only documentary data allows a detailed analysis of working conditions directly at the specific workplace.

Procedure for certification of workplaces contains clear deadlines (start and end date) of the Conference, including an agreement with an independent certifying organization accredited by the Ministry of Labor to provide such services, issuing appropriate orders.The following study program for certification, writing a report on the work done with the findings of the commission.According to the approved standards of the retention period of conduction of certification of forty-five years.

Program certification of jobs there and conformity assessment of the workplace requirements of the safety standards and regulations.For each such place documented measurement protocols and shall appropriate marks.Also estimated the risk of injury, assesses the security of the workplace and individual workers, spec.footwear, as well as additional spets.sredstvami.According to the results of attestation commission shall prepare a summary report, which consists of nine chapters.

The first section contains the order and schedule of the second - the list of scanned jobs.The third are detailed maps of the tests and measurements.The fourth section is a summary list of all available results.Fifth - a summary table of working conditions on the degree of klassnosti.In the sixth plan contained measures necessary for the recovery and improvement of working conditions.The seventh section should contain the final protocol of the Commission on the test results of working conditions.In the eighth should provide detailed information on the organization, conducting certification, with copies of all its founders' documents and obtained the certificate of accreditation for the provision of services in this area.The ninth section contains the minutes of the meetings of the Commission and report on the results obtained.It also may be an order of the commission to eliminate the identified conditions.Ends certification signing the order on completion of the work of the Commission and the joint statement of the report on certification by the company's management and chairman of the commission (the representative of the certifying organization).