Notes for the "Discover".

Just a couple of decades ago, people around the world well-managed without computers, tablets and laptops, not to mention the World Wide Web, called the Internet.But technology does not stand still and already today the population in all parts of the world can enjoy web surfing, watching movies or TV shows online through various popular social networks, such as "VKontakte", "facebook", "tweeter" and many others.Today we will speak about the "Odnoklassniki", or rather, how to create notes on the page in the "Classmates", once again to cheer up yourself and your friends in the network.Popular topics


Most often users add to their so-called "wall" the stuff that seemed to them ridiculous and useful, thus wanting to share it with others.It can be an interesting picture, video, songs, jokes and more.In such cases, it decided to create special notes for "Classmates", which will be displayed on the status page.Status as the notes carry a meaning about the user.There may be notes for "Classmates" funny, entertaining, written in comic form.Some people more to taste recording the exact meaning, with a greater degree instructive.It may be the phrase of the great writers, quotes, elements of the text of the books, and more.Notes are also a great way to decorate your page in your favorite genres: narrative, the author's poem, funny pictures or videos.In general, the article to a social network - it's a small world where you can express your feelings and emotions, and share them with friends and acquaintances.

Interesting record about the life

enough time on the Internet and spend very creative people who write these notes in a special group in the "Classmates", thereby obtaining a large number of visitors and often - earnings.Many of them recognized that the most ridiculous notes are most often domestic, everyday nature.

essence of this recording to a few lines to tell your friends and relatives about himself, his business and home.Over time it has grown into a recording with full-depth and meaningful or funny anecdotes.For many years, the most popular network in the notes to "Classmates" - write about friendship and love and stories with humor.Less and less users update their status, describing the mood and the current location.

story from the life of

Returning to the main topic, I want to say that funny notes for classmates to make is simple enough.Visualize what you want to convey to the reader, and tell yourself the story.If the head is difficult to do, you can use an ordinary notebook, because for many centuries the most brilliant and popular stories are born exactly on a piece of paper.It's very simple, because it is easy to delete anything, or, conversely, to add.

on your page on the site "Odnoklassniki", next to your name and surname, you'll find clickable links "photo", "friends", "Group" and so on.Amid all this, choose the category of "notes."You will have a blank field for the record.This is the place for future notes, you can give free rein to their imagination and write anything.If you decide to write something funny, we need only follow some of the rules listed below.

How to make interesting reading?

Decorate your colorful tape recording is very simple as add a note in the "Classmates" can be borrowed it from another site or from another person.This record will not be original, but it can be made less visible than his, author.This is nothing to worry, because the basic gist notes for "Classmates" - its transfer of "word of mouth, from page to page."On the Internet you can find a limitless number of services that are specifically written and update their statuses and notes, adding fresh and interesting stuff almost every day.

first steps in writing

1. If you decided to write myself a funny note, it is worth remembering interesting cases from his own life or the lives of friends.Try to describe the history of the "light" and relaxed manner.These texts tend to cause positive emotions in people and a desire to share them with friends.

2. Write myself as the first person.People are much more interesting to read, if they can "head" to plunge into the story and listen to it from a direct participant.

3. When writing, use as little words-parasites, such as "short", "type", "etc.", "and so on."When the notes for "Classmates" are written literate language, they become much clearer for the reader and easier to read.Do not use too heavy and unknown words, since a person can move away from the general meaning of note, losing the essence and, of course, a touch of humor.

4. To enliven the most basic text entry, the user can add some funny picture, video or music.Agree, because the notes are perceived much better accompanied by "the bull's eye" selected media.To find these files, use the services of a search engine and additions to the records.Believe me, such a record would cause the reader extra emotions, so do not neglect this little rule.

5. If your note appreciated - you are on the right track!She had liked the people and so on tapes sold by users.Do not stop there - write, write, write!In fact, fun and funny record never be left without due attention.We wish success and creativity!Parting words

We hope that now you know how to make a note in the "Classmates" and literally "infect" others a good mood.Be creative, create, and then it becomes very easy to do this more and more often, so that in time, you could read his notes and sincere smile, and give the smile to your friends.