Confectionary "Roshen" offers products of excellent quality and perfect taste

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candies and cookies - a favorite treat, not only kids, but also adults.It is difficult to imagine a tea party without sweets.Confectionary "Roshen" offers a wide range of products, which is loved by customers in many countries.Brand won the trust of consumers due to its high quality and great variety of products.

company "Roshen" in today's market

Corporation consists of Ukrainian factories in Kiev, Vinnitsa and Kremenchug.There is also a shopping area in Lithuania and Hungary.The company includes OAO "Lipetsk confectionery factory" Roshen. "

raw milk produced at the Corporation for Dairy Plant "Bershadmoloko."It passes strict quality control, so the products are absolutely safe for consumption.

Today Confectionery Roshen brand known not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also caught the fancy of buyers of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Moldova.The products are well known in the US, Israel and Canada.

Activities Company Roshen

first talked about in 1996, when it appeared the first products.Since then, the range has broadened and improved.For the year produced more than 450 thousand tons of products.The corporation has 60 Ukrainian distributors and more than a hundred in the CIS countries.

In 2001, the Company entered into the Lipetsk confectionery factory."Roshen" - under that brand began to produce products.Technologies were rebuilt under a single principle of the production.

Product Quality

Development and introduction of new products is controlled by international standards.Raw materials, semi-finished and finished products are thoroughly tested.If production does not use illegal additives and components.As a result, the buyer gets only safe product.

international certificates offer a guarantee to the consumer a quality product.And this, of course, the first requirement of any person.Confectionary "Roshen" offers a wonderful assortment.In high demand are not only favorite candy, and other products.


Chocolate bars labeled Roshen familiar to almost every child.This delicacy takes a true delight young and adult sweet tooth.Black, milk or porous - a choice for every taste.

used as toppings nuts and fruits.Great choice of chocolate with cream filling.

chocolates and bars

What candy is not only produces confectionery "Roshen"!

  • soft truffle filling, covered with white chocolate.
  • Sandwich candy with jelly and marzipan.
  • All kinds of cream fillings with different tastes and aromas.
  • with whole, crushed nuts and toasted sesame seeds.
  • with wafer layer.
  • Crispy additives and ice chips.

As such a temptation you can not resist?So I want to try all of these masterpieces.Confectionery factory "Roshen" in Russia is constantly expanding the range and surprising exquisite taste new products.

If you want to make a present or surprise gourmet surprise, a box of chocolates will be the ideal option.And the contents certainly bring pleasure to the most demanding palates.

Caramel and jellies

milk and fruit candy are familiar to us from childhood.Roshen products made in the best traditions of confectionery skills.And how do you caramel or coffee with milk filling, or covered with soft white or dark chocolate?

have great taste jelly candies with fruit flavor.Marmalade in the form of slices of lemon and orange has the scent of fresh citrus fruit, which is difficult to resist.Confectionary "Roshen" Lipetsk is known for precisely this direction.

Wafers Wafers offered as a packaged and in bulk.You can buy traditional wafers with cream filling and delicious rolls with amazing taste.

Waffle candies are in great demand due to the excellent quality and exquisite taste.

cookies and crackers

Sugar and butter biscuits, filled and unfilled, chocolate and icing, packaged and in bulk - all for a loved one buyer.Crackers are also presented in a large assortment: classic, with poppy seeds, sweet and savory, with different tastes.

Cookies - this is the first treat, which are treated to the smallest children.But for these parents choose the best products.Roshen - is the safety and excellent taste.

Biscuits and Cakes

Biscuit bars - a great opportunity to satisfy his hunger.Gentle biscuit quality chocolate and delicious flavorful stuffing will transform any tea party fun.This bar - a great opportunity for your child to eat during recess at school or on a walk.

Particular attention confectionery "Roshen" pays Making cakes.These products require high quality control, as it has a short shelf life.The famous "Kiev" cake will be a real decoration of any table.Not much attention are other cakes.Roasting or biscuit layer, chocolate cream, bird's milk - these components can not leave anyone indifferent.

«Roshen" - choice of millions of customers, and this is due to the widest assotrtimentom quality, safe and delicious confectionery.