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Any modern woman knows that long hair - it's not only the beauty, but also a great responsibility.In our time, not enough to have a long hair, they must be healthy.It is healthy and beautiful hair is the subject of admiration and lust, especially the male half of humanity.But this is the half do not realize what effort it costs us.

Not so long ago on the domestic market of professional hair cosmetics had such an American brand like PaulMitchell, by which greatly simplify the task of hair care products.

products PaulMitchell advantage is that it is fairly easy to use and can be used at home.All proceeds of this mark are suitable for different hair types, since they consist of ecologically pure herbal ingredients, that allows us to change as often as we wish without much harm.With this brand of cosmetics for hair from the master has unlimited creativity, for example, at coloring by mixing two or more colors can create a unique and inimitable color of your tresses.Professional hair care PaulMitchell - this care, and cleansing and hair treatment.One of the latest achievements of this brand is the procedure of lamination.Thanks, her our tresses get maximum protection from ultraviolet radiation, chlorinated water, sea salt and other harmful environment.

After this procedure retains its color saturation for four weeks, and the hair becomes more packed, due to which there is an increase in total now curls more obedient and silky.

With cosmetic procedures such as PaulMitchell biozavivka or hair straightening is not only harmful to the health of the hair, but rather allows you to keep their elasticity, shine and elasticity.Owners blond curls opened an exclusive opportunity for the care and pastel toning, which gives the hair or individual strands of soft hue, deeply moisturizes and permanently protects against negative external effects.

series of hair dyes safely eliminates gray hair, while caring for the hair is now not only women but also men.It contains hydrating plant complex and soy proteins.Despite the fact that the paint is completely absent ammonia dyes, color stability is maintained for up to six nedel.Esche hair cosmetics PaulMitchell includes daily care products such as shampoos, conditioners and masks for all hair types.

Mark PaulMitchell - is the most effective professional cosmetics able to protect hair from the harmful effects of the environment and make them healthy and elastic.

Masters SPA center "ElenStoun" European Award nominee «Aurora» possess a high level of professionalism in the work of this company with cosmetics, to achieve amazing results in the field of hair care.


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