The main sections of a business plan

In practice, business planning - a very important job.At a certain stage of development of market economy in our country, many people did not attach due importance to this aspect.Get a higher rate of return could not straining.We are talking about the period when the market has a deficit of goods and services.In this situation, the business was limited to elementary reselling essential goods.It was important to have information about a particular product and its selling price and where it is located.

Once the situation has qualitatively changed, and consumers have to pay attention to the different characteristics of products businesses were forced to revise the rules and approaches to business.Today, the main sections of the business plan for each of them knows to the smallest detail.More precisely speaking, obliged to know, or any company will be among the bankrupt.In this regard, attention should be paid to the fact that the large majority of business start-ups rely on the production of goods or services.

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In a real situation the process starts with the fact that a person or group of people united by profession, decide to release those things that they can do.Or to provide appropriate services.Immediately I must say that such an approach is considered to be improper.If a person is able to repair and adjust carburetors on cars "Moskvich", it will be able to use the services of a very limited number of car owners.The fact that these cars are no longer available, and this service has been very limited demand.

should start with market research.And the results obtained under the following sections to develop a business plan.The essence of such studies is to ensure, to assess the relevance of a particular service.Continuing with the example given to the "Moskvich" it should be noted that all the great demand for cars "Lada Kalina" and "Lada Granta".So it makes sense to analyze the volume of the market, to find out on what services are served by these models, which faults or failures occur most often.

can then elaborate on sections of the business plan.The first section of the document is the description of the project, its main and related objectives.In this case the main purpose is to provide services for repair and tuning of the power supply system of vehicles of these models.As related services can offer the customer a replacement filter, wash the fuel tank or the adjustment of the ignition system.In short, the experts on the technical side have to say at this stage its say.

next point, which generally forms the sections of a business plan - a description of the production.This section presents the characteristics of production areas and the list of tools and equipment necessary to provide the claimed services.The next stage - a description of the organizational structure of the enterprise and the need for specialists.And be sure to shape the financial section of the plan.It reflects the initial costs, the level of profitability, the distribution of revenues and other issues related to money.

Once again it is necessary to recall the main sections of the business plan:

1. Market research.

2. Description of the project.

3. Description of the manufacturing sector.

4. The organizational structure of the enterprise.

5. Financial calculations.

Making a business plan must be done in accordance with the requirements that apply to the documents of this kind.This is done in order to submit a document to the authorities that are involved in supporting small business in the regions.But even in the case where receive subsidies from the budget is not planned, the document will still need to arrange as it should and propagate more copies.The plan must always be at hand, since it is the main guide for the entire period of activity.