Business Process Reengineering

reengineering business processes can be a collection of tools and techniques that have a significant influence on decision-making in order to improve the performance of the enterprise.For this to be analyzed, which resulted in corresponding changes in the activities of a business entity.

reengineering business processes in order to obtain a sharp improvement in the existing performance involves making fundamental changes to the existing methods.Such changes can be successfully used by management in the development strategy of innovation orientation.

innovative character developed innovations is to introduce in the economic activity of a completely new business processes that focus on the creation and development of technological innovation.Therefore, re-engineering of business processes can be viewed from two perspectives:

- the method of management of a business entity;

- tool for developing innovative strategies.

object of reengineering is one of the main organizational elements of enterprise competitiveness - technology development and deployment of business processes.

As a method of management of the business process reengineering includes the following areas of work: analysis of current strategies;the synthesis of new and competitive strategies of the subject.Management for these processes highlights two methods:

- Reverse engineering is a kind of preparatory stage for introducing some innovations.First, a comprehensive analysis of a business entity from the perspective of a unified management system.It also carried out and diagnostics of existing business processes.

- Direct engineering, in which the company designed a new strategy, which laid the basis for innovative processes.Developed structure of improved business processes and defines the funding mechanisms.The result is to be achieved the main goal - to increase the innovative capacity of the company by increasing the share of intellectual assets and the concentration of resources on a priority technology areas.

The main difference between the two processes is that the inverse reengineering prepared the database to create a new strategy and a direct way to develop new approaches for the creation and implementation of the chosen strategy.

project should be sufficiently pronounced innovative orientation, which is being implemented in a particular sequence.That is why the stages of business process reengineering can be summarized as follows.

first stage .Development of a model of the future of business entity and a schematic simulation of its competitiveness.At this point must be correctly set strategic goals of the company and made their structural decomposition, the results of which are selected priorities and the system of evaluation criteria, as well as set performance targets.

second stage. analysis created a business process on competitive strategy of the company.There are carried out analytical activities on the principle of reverse engineering existing business strategy.Also carried out a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the existing methods of functioning of the enterprise.For its implementation need to assess the strengths and weaknesses and the potential threat to the activities of the entity.Also to be assessed organizational management structure, including the assessment of production, innovation and intellectual potential of the company.

third stage. Model Development strategy involves the use of advanced tools of direct engineering.At this stage of business process reengineering their main attention is directed to the creation of certain projects, which should reflect the structure of costs and the company's capital.It also carried out assessment of the impact of new business projects for the future activities of the enterprise.