As hatching incubator at home

Keep poultry in his part-time farm, many seek.Chickens, turkeys, ducks need for eggs and meat.In order to upgrade the livestock, poultry farmers are not always in a conventional manner, when the very birds are hatching chicks.Currently, preference is given to more domestic incubators.


Artificial conclusion chickens can update the herd at any time of year and in any quantity.There is another factor.Chicken as the hen has a very limited capacity.Derivation of chicks in the incubator at the same time allows you to get a lot more young.It will all depend on the number of eggs.

hatching in an incubator in the home greatly facilitates the work of fanciers.Available in factory equipment provide automatic temperature control, turning the trays and so on.If young hen hatches, it requires constant monitoring of its behavior, as well as the presence of water and feed.On this fanciers spent a lot of time.

Natural incubators

Large thick pile of damp leaves eventually begins to warm up.The same thing happens with the manure.The temperature in these mounds comes to seventy degrees.This phenomenon is caused by bacteria.They decompose decaying leaves or manure.Thus there is a selection of a large amount of heat.In nature, it enjoys views MEGAPODE chickens.These birds eggs do not hatch.They simply bury them in piles of rotting leaves.Generate heat sufficient for the development of the embryo.

So do the turtles.They bury their eggs in the coastal sand, which is heated by sunlight.After some time, displayed little bug.

invention incubator

All these examples that exist in nature, have put a man on the idea output without hen chicks.The first incubators were 2-3 in Egypt thousands of years ago.They were a huge furnace chamber which lays up to seven thousand eggs.These incubators have been no instruments.Man makes the egg to the age, thus determining its temperature.

In some countries, there was a specific profession - man incubator.Such people warmed eggs with her body heat, placing them in bags from old fishing nets.

first incubator in Europe was invented by physicist port in the 18th century.However, the church in those days was against the opening of the mysteries of nature.Incubator at the behest of the clergy was burned.

In pre-revolutionary Russia used incubators few fanciers.Devices are usually discharged from abroad.

Modern hatcheries for artificial hatching chicks have mechanized process of regulation of humidity and temperature.They are easy to use and apply to all poultry farms.Small appliances are indispensable at the farm.

Getting Started

How to withdraw chickens at home in the incubator?First of all, the device should be prepared for operation.Before turning on the need to carefully study the enclosed instructions.It would be enough given the operating manual describes the controls and incubation periods.

The device should be installed horizontally on the floor.At the same time it should not be swinging, tight.For the incubator is necessary to allocate a place in the room, so that it is away from heating appliances, windows and doors.This is necessary to ensure that flows cool or warm air is not exerted its influence on the temperature inside the incubator.This will damage the process of withdrawal of young animals.

before operating the equipment inside the device should be wiped from dirt and dust.Trays should be washed with hot water and then dry them in the sun or in a warm room.After that, for humidifying the air to the bottom of the incubator is necessary to put the bath filled with water.Only then the device can be enabled by setting it in the desired temperature.

Loading eggs

How hatching in an incubator?After switching on the device must pass the night.Only after this time it will be possible to boot eggs.This operation should be taken seriously.The fact that the output of the young bird depends on the quality of the pledged eggs.They should only be fresh (not more than six or seven days of storage), have one size, the correct form, and have a solid shell.

Before laying eggs in the unit selected should be marked in pencil.On one side to put down to zero (0), and the second - X.These signs help in keeping order overturning.The top side of the eggs must be laid with the same sign.At a distance of one centimeter from the surface of the shell should be fixed thermometer.Having done all this, as output of chicks in the incubator?The tray slides into the appliance and close the door tightly.

control over the operation of the device

How to bring chicks in the incubator?Of paramount importance is the control mode of the device.Even the small (0.5-1 degrees) temperature deviation from the norm have a negative impact on the viability of chicks.How hatching in an incubator?After bookmark eggs control over the device it is necessary to carry out each hour.At the beginning of incubation, a great influence on the development of the embryo has a fast warm-up.The device is to increase the temperature of the eggs just three to four hours.

During hatching should particularly monitor the humidity.At this time, it is of particular importance for the development of the embryo.How to withdraw chickens at home in the incubator?Prior period nakleva shell humidity should be small, only fifty - fifty-four percent.Further, it should be increased.At that time, when there is a Stick and hatching chicks, humidity should reach eighty percent.

final stage

How hatching in an incubator?In the process of withdrawal of the device is not open.It is forbidden to take away from the incubator chicks born at, change modes, turn on lights, and so on. D.

Youngsters from the device is displayed at a time.Chickens in the home should be an incubator to dry completely.They are then placed in a heater or under the hen.

Make an incubator with his hands

Display chickens at home is possible with the help of a device that is easy to make yourself.This will greatly facilitate the task of poultry farmers supplement their part-time farm youngsters.The body of the incubator should be wood, insulated with felt or foam.At the bottom, drill several holes.On the cover is specially arrange a small viewing window (it should be from time to time slightly open for ventilation).In order to allow the eggs during the incubation period it was possible to turn in the side wall of the casing door should be provided.The device is mounted on the small leg (3-5 cm tall).This allows access of air through the holes in the bottom.Inside the home to house the incubator eggs provide drawers with the bottom grating.The gap between them and the walls of the incubator should be no less than five centimeters.