Career Horoscope 2014

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What promises you next year in your career?


next year for Aries - the year to strengthen their positions.And on the personal front as well as at work.Concentrate on matters in which you have had some success, and put all his energy into the development of promising projects.The problems that were previously solved with difficulty, it is better to forget.Do not waste precious forces that are unlikely to ever shoot.Assembly and correct prioritization will allow you to achieve much greater results than you expected. Taurus

strongly recommend Taurus fasten your seat belts and hold on to all the handrails!Most of the year you have to spend like a roller coaster: stunning ups will be sharply replaced failures and joyful events - clouded unpleasant situations.But the result of this pandemonium is advantageous for you: are tough, you get valuable experience that will help you to step to the next career step for the second half of the year.


«dog barks - the caravan goes on" - it should not be forgotten Twins at least the first half of 2014.Envious, which are activated in the next year, try to insert a stick in your wheels and throw you off track.Be patient, quietly do their job and then you come out of this fight victorious.In the second half of the year, the Twins can relax a little by this time all the court intrigues will cease, and you can work in peace, without fear of the machinations of colleagues.


And not sat you in this job?Is not it time you change something in your professional life?The stars say that in 2014 - quite a good time to look for new employers and create a new team.Find a suitable company is not so easy, furthermore, you will try to confuse unprofitable offers.Keep a sober mind, good judgment and you are sure to find the work, which for so long dreamed of.


«From the work horses die," and the Lions will make next year a maximum effort in order not to suffer the same fate.And the work will be many, including small and not always pleasant.But what is most regrettable, it is unlikely to change your financial situation: an increase in salaries and promotions are possible, but not guaranteed.In order not to go crazy, take in the next year more attention to rest.Pre-plan your holiday and do not regret it means: nerve cells should be protected.


Virgin already quite a while have not updated the list of contacts in your address book.Old friends and acquaintances proven - it is certainly good, but to get hold of new business and personal communication never hurts.Especially in 2014 favors the Virgos to find new friends.So do not give up on business trips, boldly translates into a new division and without a shadow of doubt extends a hand to strangers at business parties - most of the new people will be useful for your career.

Libra Libra should nasushit more crackers, canned stock, or at least not to take credit for a new car: the year promises to be quite severe.Carefully count the family budget, and think a hundred times before you retire from work.Planning, rationality and analysis - that's your main friends in the following year.


2014 for Scorpio - a great time to declare itself as a good specialist and valuable employee.Take up new challenges head goes into the thick of events, feel free to answer "Yes" to all the interesting suggestions from management, and your efforts are sure to be seen at the highest level.You will significantly increase your chances of success if in the next year, pay attention to the development of skills of self-presentation.


Year of the Horse Archers prepared for a lot of sophisticated tests.You will experience the fate of dubious affair with colleagues questionable job offer from the competition and the opportunity to take place via the head office of scandals and wars.These temptations often look like real chance to change their lives for the better, but not good Sagittarius, they will not do.Maintain composure and keep under control all his actions and decisions.


2014 for Capricorn will be interesting and challenging at the same time.It was at this time he will stand before choosing his career path: to continue already started a business or try yourself in a completely new role.The first option will bring a certain peace and stability, and the second - will help you discover a new ability and quality.The choice will be very difficult, so try not to argue with your friends: they will help you finally decide on a direction.

Aquarius Aquarius, remember the saying, "What stomped, then burst?"Remember it well, because it was under this motto you should work in the next year.And this is more a plus than a minus: the unexpected rise and millions in winnings in a lottery you do not get any, but any of your achievement will be noted rubles, or praise.And it is important for the Russian workers, whose employers have taught a lot of stick and almost free.Aquarius this lawlessness is not threatened: the more you work, the more will get.


2013 turned out to be rich and heavy?Do not worry - in the next year you will finally be able to make a break and calm down a little.The horse will bring stability and confidence in the future that will allow you to deal with personal matters.In this attempt to force things fail: you can open a dozen new projects, to conclude a number of important contracts, but eventually they will not bring you any profit or career or pleasure.So do not waste your strength, and simply enjoy the tranquility.Feel free to go with the flow: it brings you in the right direction!

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