Seven non-material gifts for the New Year

Christmas gifts do not have to be packaged and delivered in person.You can make a gift and intangible, even at a distance.Sydney Opera House roof tiles with the inscription, part of the forest in Canada, contribute to the business in a third world country can not be put under the Christmas tree, but you can surprise them.Forbes has made a list of interesting intangible gifts that can be done in Russia and around the world.

inscription on the roof of the Sydney Opera

Cost: from $ 90 to $ 365

Sydney Opera House announced the sale of the tiles with the highest "sails" of its world-famous roof.The purpose of the action - to raise funds to renovate the theater.

total sale received 125,000 fragments of the roof, and the cost of each is dependent on the coating (matte or glossy).The first owner of the roof area was the actor Hugh Jackman.However, this does not mean that he get his hands on the tiles from the roof of one of the most famous theaters in the world.Pick up cover does not succeed: the purchase means that using your laser portion of the roof will be applied at the request of any inscription or drawing.

for sale, a special website Own our house.Here, using the 3D-scheme, you can select and buy your favorite part of the roof.

trees in the forest

Cost: 300-500 rubles per 10 trees

Russia launched a new service - "Passion", which allows you to plant a tree almost anywhere in the world in three clicks."Passion" is directly linked with foresters in different countries (in the company assure that the integrity checking of contractors) who currently download a special application for smartphones.Then they look for the corresponding portion of the forest.This may be an area where the trees are destroyed, for example, fire or bark.

application records geodata site and transmits them to the base of "passion fruit".As a result, on the world map on the website shows the place where you can plant trees online.

price, taking into account the five-year tree care appointed by the forester.According to the head of the company Alexander Platonov, the average cost of services - in the area of ​​300-500 rubles per 10 trees.In some areas, prices can be lower - about 90 rubles for 10 trees.The owner does not get trees in the property - he just rented the site.During his fate can be monitored in your account on the website "passion fruit" - foresters are required to report regularly to give.

service opened in 2012, a few young people from Russia, headed by a graduate of Middle East Technical University Alexander Platonov.They were eager to create a project related to the environment, and stopped on the renewal of the forest.Site of zapusili to private investors.Foresters in the field, first searched during visits to Russia and the United States, now those are "passion fruit" themselves.The service has registered contractors in Canada and Africa, as well as agreements with dozens of national parks and forestry.

Patronage of the animals in the zoo

Price: from four rubles a day

program of the Moscow zoo "Take the animal under their care" lets take care of, such as capybaras, but it does not keep a pet at home.It is necessary to choose an animal to the zoo and to conclude an agreement for the donation (if you want to issue a special certificate, which can serve as a gift).There are some bonuses in the contract is not less than 15 000 rubles issued complimentary ticket to the zoo for three, which is valid until the expiration of the contract.And if you pay more than 30 000 a year, you can get a name tag on the cage with the animal.Himself agreement can be concluded at any time.

came to see her, and patronized for news of his life at any time.The cheapest cost content spiny mouse - about four rubles a day.But feeding and caring for the elephant will require more than 5,000 rubles a day.Similar programs have custody of animals in zoos and St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other Russian cities.

place stock

Price: from 1000 rubles a month

Not everyone has a garage or basement, so the boxing public stock can be quite useful.Clothing, bike, sports equipment, summer tires and pieces of furniture will be protected.Firms providing such services in Moscow, quite a lot, such as "City Box", "Samosklad», Red Box Co, «Mobius", "Skladovka."Prices per square.m boxing start at 1000 rubles a month.But the cost of rent, of course, depends on the location of the warehouse from the center of the city.The easiest way to remove the space in the open air: it will cost about half the price, but also on the preservation of the things it will affect is clearly not the best way.

business investment in the Third World

Price: on request

American non-profit project Kiva offers to invest in a business novice businessman from third world countries.Customers are offered a gift certificate "investor".For example, the Bolivian farmer Pedro grow coffee, but now going through hard times and needs additional funds.For the cost of funds followed Kiva partners in the field, the investor receives regular reports on the status of the businessman.And when he gets to his feet, the investor has to get the money back.Creators of the project argue that the 99% return of funds.

Kiva gift card holder can choose the recipient himself, reading the hundreds of stories on the site.It is not necessary to send money to another continent: entrepreneurs in need of investment, there are, for example, in Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan.

Custody coral reef

Price: 20 $

Tropical forests in Brazil, the mountains in the United States and Canada, the coral reefs in the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic, in Palau and Papua New Guinea - all of this is, we can takeunder his wing.

This opportunity offers an American non-profit organization The Nature Conservancy.You must select the project site protected object, make a donation on behalf of the person to bestow and receive a certificate with a photo patronized places, and along with the annual subscription to The Nature Conservancy.

Custody section of the Appalachian Mountains area of ​​0.4 hectares will cost $ 50, saving the five trees in Costa Rica would cost $ 20, and the costs of preserving habitat rhino in Kenya and Namibia will be $ 25.

Travel for plush toy

Cost: from $ 35 to $ 55

In Japan, opened a tourist company that organizes trips to the toy bears and birds.Employees Unagi Travel offer several types of routes, both within the country and abroad.Stuffed animals can be sent on a tour of the Tokyo Spa tour to the hot springs, or "mystery trip" destination which will be to the last kept secret.

As proof that the toy is not sitting still, its owner to send photographs and postcards from a trip.It is worth noting that the Japanese are not the first to come up with things to do for toys.In 2010, the Czech Republic has earned the agency that organized the tour for toys in Prague.

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