Dream Interpretation: what removing the bridge?

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What did you see any dream!And the people and animals, and other objects, and not very realistic events.Today we offer together to figure out what dreams bridges.For this we turn for help to a number of the most famous and complete collection of interpretations of dreams.

Dreams Gustav Miller if the dream of a bridge

dream in which you dreamed long and dilapidated structure, intricately curving in darkness or semi-darkness, foretells that you run the risk of yield to gloomy thoughts and melancholic mood.In Love is like a vision promises a disappointment in love, as it turns out that their partner is far from ideal.A bridge in a dream to move - to the final overcoming of all the difficulties and challenges, but to achieve such a result, you may have to resort to a very insecure means.If he suddenly appeared in your way, in real life, you should beware of treachery on the part of the person of your entourage.Looking from the bridge into clean water - to the wealth and well-being.Muddy water also promises a sad results after considerable effort.

What removing the bridge: Dreams Miss Hasse

According to this collection of interpretations, a vision in which the bridge appears, promises happiness and positive emotions.However, if you just can not pass it, then you should give up their intentions.Trip and fall on the bridge - to the emergence of unexpected difficulties in business.Passing under its arch - to achieve the goal through hard work.

Dream Interpretation Vanga: a bridge in a dream

interpreter considers the sign as a symbol of hope, vows or promises.If you dreamed that you go over the bridge, which suddenly collapses under your feet, then you will betray a person you trust implicitly.You will be hard to put up with it, but after a while you will be able to forgive the traitor.To dream of a bridge that you build with their own hands - to attack in your life difficult period.It will be linked to the back-breaking weight of responsibility that you have to shoulder.Long walk on the viaduct - a sense of shame because of your evil deeds committed.

Ukrainian dream interpretation: what dreams bridge

If you are in a dream to see this symbol, you should be careful.Managed happily cross the bridge?Then you will be able to avoid serious danger.Disassembled or destroyed viaduct promises great sorrow, or even death.Why dream of a wooden bridge that transferred the girl?Such a vision of the young promises the fairer sex married soon.To erect building - much to the happiness and glory.To hear the sound of water under the bridge - to move or a long journey.

medieval dream book: bridges dream

According to the compilers of this collection of interpretations, if you had a dream just to be erected, it may soon not have to worry, since you no danger.Why dream of bridges in large quantities?This vision portends illness or breakdown.Ruined, he promises a dreamer of anxiety and distress.

Islamic dream interpretation: had a bridge

symbol can be interpreted in different ways.Dream, which featured construction, connecting the two banks of the river, could spell acquaintance with a very influential man who uses his power to help you.Also, such a vision can mean the achievement of their goals.The bridge leading to the cemetery is seen as a symbol of a life lived.Go for it - for an early departure in a very long trip.

dream about bridges: Dreams from "A" to "Z"

If you dream that you go over the bridge a narrow and tranquil stream, then you expect happiness in family life and success in business.If you cross the rugged mountain stream, then all your efforts to achieve the desired result will be in vain, and the closest person may grow cold towards you.Dilapidated bridge over a deep gorge that you are trying to bravely overcome predicts you depressed due to the weight suddenly fell on your problems.If you fall through and hangs over the abyss, risking at any moment to break into the abyss, in the near future there will be difficulties, not allowing a single step to advance in the implementation of your plans.Ride the train for very long railway bridge - to the disappointment in his beloved.If you manage to successfully move from one side of a deep ravine on the other by a thin and dangerous crossing, in real life, you will be able to achieve his goal by the shortest route, but exposing themselves and their families in serious danger.What does removing the bridge over the railway?This dream portends that despite many difficulties, effort and experienced times of despair, you will still be able to achieve its objectives and be happy.A dream in which you float on a boat or a boat under arch big bridge, acts as a warning of a possible treason and betrayal on the part of the person to whom you fully trust.If you had a dream that someone is trying to commit suicide by jumping off a high bridge, it means that in real life you are unable to find a common language with your subordinates, which ultimately leads to a very disastrous consequences.Falling while trying to jump over the bridge, which began to breed - need to stop, because your idea was from the beginning doomed to failure.