Yellow jacket - unusual classics

Beauty is always in fashion and classic manicure is always relevant.But if you just change the color of the varnish on the bright manicure at its simplicity can be an interesting decoration.For example, to replace the usual white French manicure - and you get ... yellow jacket.

French manicure.Who invented it?

In fact, in this case, the name is misleading, and the jacket is not invented in Paris.Its inventor was the Geoff Pink, the owner and founder of the world-famous brand ORLY.One day in the not too distant 1976 in Los Angeles, he was approached by the director dream factory and asked to come up with a manicure, which would fit any suit, so as not to change the color and design of nails after each dressing actresses.Then Pink thought that only natural can be universal.Thus was born a French manicure in which the color of the nail bed do pink or peach in natural colors, and the free edge of the white color.Originally called the creator of such coverage Natural Look, it became French after a fashion show in Paris, where all models was made jacket.Then it became fashionable to this day is a relevant and universal.

How to yellow jacket

Methodology applied to the nail classic French manicure is simple: first, the nail cover base color natural color, then pick out the free edge of a dense white lacquered by hand or using a stencil.The base can be any color from clear to thick and rich pink and peach.Here the choice depends on the taste and color of the skin nail holders.

Sometimes even manicure want diversity.The easiest solution is to change the usual colors and shapes.For example, to convert the classic pink-and-white design in color.Very unusual looks and bright yellow jacket on nails: it gives brightness bearer, looks great with bright clothes and raises the spirits in gloomy day.You can not be sad with bright nail polish!

Yellow does not require the free edge of the nail plate color coating, it is very harmonious and in a transparent manner.Technology for creating such a simple tunic:

  1. a manicure: file off the free edge, give it the desired shape;move the cuticle.
  2. Apply a base under nail, let it dry.
  3. To make a color base of the nail plate, then apply the desired color and dry it thoroughly.If a box is transparent, then skip to the next step.
  4. using a stencil or hand-drawn free edge of the yellow varnish.
  5. Dried fix topcoat layers.Yellow jacket ready!


yellow jacket can have a variety of variations: Bright free edge can be any shape - from rounded to angular, symmetrical and intricate, it may have additional design in a fashion different color layers to finish under yellow, etc.

yellow jacket with a picture, too, can do whatever you like: to make a picture on the nail, or just smile at all fingers or only a few.

Do not limit yourself, let your imagination run wild!