Dream Interpretation: what dreams gun

All of us at least once in a lifetime were holding real or toy weapons.After all, most kids are playing in the war, many young men serving in the army, and the fair sex, most likely happened to meet with a pistol or a Kalashnikov in school lessons CWP.However, some people prefer to keep these weapons in the house: for hunting, or to ensure its own security.What if we saw the gun in his sleep?Should we prepare for a possible danger, or there is another interpretation?For the answer to the question "what dreams gun" we refer to several dream books.

Dreams Gustav Miller gun in a dream

According to the interpretation of such a dream book character is bad sign.If the dream figured your own weapon, then you risk to be dominated by low feelings that will control your further actions.Hear a conversation about someone's revolver - the possibility to learn in advance about the insidious plans of your enemies and take appropriate action.Shoot a gun in his sleep - a situation in which you begin to envy some unsophisticated person.And that feeling just will torment you and make make a very ugly things.

What dreams gun: Dreams Freud

Such weapons appearing in your dream may symbolize the fact that in reality you are often forced to try to force a partner to have sex.Needless to say, it does not accept such a situation, and despite the warm feelings for you, it is possible that he decides to terminate your relationship.If you dream that you shoot a gun, it is likely that in the near future will need to take active steps to preserve the union with the beloved.And even if you are not a decisive man, you have to try to do the impossible, that a loved one was not disappointed in his choice.

Dreams Miss Hasse pistol in his sleep

Answering the question "what dreams weapon - a gun," the drafters of this collection of interpretations argue that this acts as a reflection of the character of the test you with respect to anyone anger or hostility.It is possible that this feeling has under itself a convincing framework.So try to soberly assess the situation and not to exhaust themselves for nothing.Shoot with a revolver in a dream - to a successful resolution of complex problems.

modern dream interpretation: if the dream of a gun

authors of this collection of interpretations in most cases, considering this type of weapon as a symbol of bad luck.So, if you dream that you have your own gun, then in the future, your character can go bad, and your thoughts possess the cunning and meanness.Listen to a story about someone else's arms - to advance the disclosure of the plans of your enemies and the enemies against you.A dream in which you're shooting from a revolver, predicts that in the future you will spend a lot of forces on the ground for the alleged harm.

What dreams gun: Dream book from A to Z

compilers of this collection is also considered a revolver as a bad omen.If you had a gun in the hand of your loved one from which it wants to either kill you or shoot himself, then in reality you will have a very serious conflict, which could eventually lead to a final rupture of relations.See Colt - to participate in the case, obviously doomed to failure;Mauser - to the attainment of well-being and prosperity;Browning - a series of tests, which, however, over the happy event;Walter - a love affair;revolver - to adultery.Antique flintlock pistol as the dreamer promises great misfortune, or even an absurd death.Dueling pistols foretells some very funny misunderstanding.If you had a duel with firearms, then you run the risk of becoming a victim of robbery or deception.Why dream of a gun with a nominal dedicatory inscription?Such a vision warns that you dragged into the conflict, which could easily be avoided.To kill a man with a revolver - to marital discord.Charge the gun - to the bad news, disassemble or collect - to the risk of being subjected to serious danger, clean and grease - to the frustration and grief, the cause of which will be children.If you dream that you are playing Russian roulette, in real life you will get great pleasure from intercourse and spending time with gambling, risky and funny people.A dream in which you pull the trigger, but a misfire occurs, warns that you should change your mind about any unfamiliar person.

old English dream book: gun

If you dream you heard the shot, then in the near future threatens you in trouble.Vision, in which a young man dreams that he shoots a gun, promise him a speedy marriage to a very hot-tempered, but hardworking and beautiful girl, a marriage which will be very happy.