"The Little Prince": An Analysis.

In 1943 it was first published we are interested in the product.Tell us briefly about the history of its creation, and then perform the analysis."The Little Prince" - work, the impetus for writing which served as one case, which occurred with its author.

In 1935, Antoine de Saint-Exupery in flight in the direction of "Paris-Saigon" was in a plane crash.He was on the territory of the Libyan desert, located in the Sahara, in the north-eastern part.Memories of the accident and the invasion of the Nazis prompted the author to reflect on the responsibility for the Earth people of the fate of the world.In 1942, he wrote in his diary that worries about his generation, devoid of spiritual content.People are gregarious existence.Return the person spiritual care, moral nature - the challenges posed in front of the writer.

This dedicated work?

we are interested in the story is devoted to the Léon Werth, a friend of Antoine.It is important to note, through analysis."The Little Prince" - a story in which everything is filled with deep meaning, including initiation.After Leon Werth - a Jewish writer, journalist, critic, the victim of persecution during the war.Such dedication was not just a tribute to friendship, but also a bold challenge to the writer's anti-Semitism and Nazism.In a difficult time creating a story-tale Exupery.He fought against violence in word and illustrations that are manually created for his work.

Two Worlds in the story

two worlds presented in this story - adults and children, as shown by our analysis."The Little Prince" - a work in which the division is done not by age.For example, the pilot - an adult, but he managed to save the child's soul.The author divides people on the ideals and ideas.For adults, the most important is their own business, ambition, wealth, power.A child's soul thirsts for another - friendship, mutual understanding, beauty and joy.Antithesis (children and adults) helps to open the main product of the conflict - a confrontation between two different value systems: the real and fake, spiritual and material.It is further deepened.Leaving the planet, little prince on his way there "strange adults", to understand that he can not.

Travel and dialogue

based compositions put travel and dialogue.The overall picture of the existence of losing the moral values ​​of humanity recreates a meeting with the "older" Little Prince.

The main character in the story travels to the asteroid to asteroid.He visits primarily coming in which people live singly.Each asteroid has the number as a modern multi-storey apartment houses.In these figures signed an allusion to the separation of people who live in neighboring apartments, and live as if on different planets.For the little prince meeting with the inhabitants of these asteroids become a lesson for life.

meeting with King

on one of the asteroid was a king, the whole world looked like other kings, very simplistic.For him, the subjects - all men.However, this tormented king this question: "Who is to blame for the fact that his orders are not feasible?".King taught Prince, to judge myself harder than others.Having learned this, we can become truly wise.Power-hungry loves power, not subjects, and therefore deprived of the latter.

Prince visits the planet ambitious

on another planet inhabited ambitious.But vain people are deaf to everything but praise.Only the glory of love ambitious, but not published, and therefore remains last.

Planet drunks

continue the analysis.The Little Prince falls on the third planet.His next meeting - a drunkard, concentrated thinking about themselves and eventually completely confusing.This man is ashamed of what he drinks.However, he drinks to forget about conscience.

Business man

business man belonged to the fourth planet.As the analysis of the fairy tale "The Little Prince", the meaning of his life was that the need to find something that had no owner, and assign it.Business man considers the wealth that it is not he who only saves himself, could just as well count the stars.Can not the little prince to understand the logic by which the adults live.He concludes that it is useful to flower and volcanoes, he owns them.But stars do not have any benefit from such possession.


And only the fifth planet protagonist is a man with whom he would like to make friends.This is a lamplighter who would despise all because he thinks not only of himself.However, his tiny planet.For the two there is no place.Wasted lamplighter work because they do not know for whom.

Meeting with geographer

Geographer, writing a thick book, he lived on the sixth planet, which was created in his novel Exupery ("The Little Prince").Analysis of the work would be incomplete if we did not say a few words about it.This scientist and beauty for him ephemeral.Nobody wants scientific works.Without the love of man, it is all meaningless - and honor, and power, and labor, and science and conscience, and capital.And leaves the planet the little prince.The analysis goes on to describe the work of our planet.

the little prince in the world

last place visited by the Prince - a strange land.When he comes here, even more lonely feels the title hero of the story Exupery "The Little Prince".Analysis of the product during its description to be more than the description of other planets.The author of special attention is paid to the story world.He notes that this planet is not home, she was "salty", "all in the needles" and "very dry."Uncomfortable live on it.Its definition is given by the images that seemed strange little prince.The boy says that this planet - not simple.The right to its 111 kings have 7000 geographers, 900,000 businessmen, 7.5 million. Drunks 311 million. Ambitious.

Travel protagonist in the following sections are underway.It is found, in particular, to guide the train switchman, but people do not know where they are going.Then the boy saw a merchant who sells tablets with thirst.

Among the people who live here, feels lonely little prince.Analyzing life on Earth, he notes that there are so many people that they can not feel one.Strangers to each other are millions.Why do they live?The fast trains are rushing a lot of people - why?People do not connect any pill or fast trains.A planet without this house will not.

friendship with Fox

After analyzing the "Little Prince" Exupery, we found out that the boy in the world boring.And Fox, another hero of the work, boring life.Both of them are looking for the other.Fox knows how to find it: need someone to tame, that is to create a bond.And the main character realizes that there are no shops where you can buy another.

author describes life before he met the boy who drove the Fox from the story "The Little Prince".Analysis of the product allows you to note that it is up to the meeting only fought for its existence: hunting chickens and him hunted hunters.Fox, tame, break the cycle of defense and attack, fear and hunger.That this character belongs to the formula "a vigilant heart."Love can be extended to many other things.Made friends with the main character, Fox love and everything else in the world.The close in his mind connected with the far.

pilot in the desert

easy to imagine home planet in the habitable places.However, in order to understand what a house, you need to be in the desert.It is at this point the analysis suggests, "The Little Prince" Exupery.In the desert, the protagonist met with the pilot, which then became friends.The pilot is not only due to a malfunction of the aircraft to be here.He was enchanted by the desert all his life.The name of this desert - loneliness.The pilot realizes an important secret: life has meaning when there is for someone to die.Desert - a place in which a person is thirsty communication, think about the meaning of existence.She recalled that the Earth is a home person.

What we wanted to say author?

author wants to say that people have forgotten a simple truth: they are responsible for their planet, as well as for those who have tamed.If all we knew it probably would not have wars and economic problems.But people are very often blind, do not listen to his own heart, leave your house looking for happiness away from their loved ones.Antoine de Saint-Exupery was not for fun wrote his fairy tale "The Little Prince".Analysis of the work carried out in this article, we hope, convince you of this.The writer refers to all of us, calling carefully scrutinize those around us.After all, these are our friends.They must be protected, according to Antoine de Saint-Exupery ("The Little Prince").Analysis of the work in this finish.We offer our readers to reflect on their own over this story and continue the analysis of their own observations.