How is the calibration of the screen

Many experts are of the opinion that the screen calibration must be performed using special hardware.Considering the function that it performs, it is not surprising that it is called calibrator.In addition to the device, and also need the appropriate program, which works as follows.

To start the user is prompted to select the minimum and maximum brightness level of the monitor, which can be considered acceptable.Next, using the settings you need to adjust, and the other values ​​to the desired value.Do not worry, as the calibration screen goes on: the device and software are busy fixing matches.Next, the user needs to set the desired color temperature.

Everything else happens automatically.For example, the program will generate directly on the screen with different color spots.Calibrator same (which can be called and a spectrophotometer and a colorimeter) to measure their colors and send back.That is to manage the program.Calibrate the screen based on the fact that the specialized software, using this data, generates a working monitor profile.It will simply set it as a worker.Incidentally, this will also be done "on the machine."

In that case, if the calibration screen laptop or computer is visually, the specific differences from the above method is not observed.

In this case, the user will also be asked to select the maximum and minimum brightness.But this is done on the basis of special tests with black and white squares, which the visibility improves, worsens.Similarly will be matched and color temperature.

In addition, the calibration of the screen executed by this method assumes that the tuner will be requested color data.He will have to choose either the standard (list attached) or enter them directly in the coordinate system (color).As you know, very few people can do it.You can, in theory, to look into the passport of the monitor.Of course, if it is available nearby.

I would like to draw attention to the following fact.If you choose to calibrate a monitor visually, the profile will be built on 3 points for each color channel.Even if you can more or less accurately identify them, this would still be insufficient.

Thus, a typical procedure for visual customization includes:

• sounding test fields;
• generation of working profile (ICC);
• Saving the profile and install it as a service.

Alternatively, you can use software that allows you to configure the profile manually.But everything here is not easy.The fact that his deliveries are made with the very expensive printing equipment.Yes, and too expensive to buy separately.As for the free or "kryaknuta" software, the data on it is extremely small.Who knows, maybe it's for the better, because in the inexperienced hands straight "editor" profile will do more harm than good.